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Create new blog posts, edit/delete old ones Create a bio with picture, links, and more Use as stand-alone or put directly into your own website Search posts by category or keyword 100% customizable you can change anything using an HTML editor like Dreamweaver Enable/Disable readers comments Can be used for: business/personal blogging,...

Author: DMXReady   Category: Blog Scripts   License: shareware   Size: 60.0 KB

This is an easy to use program that helps users to share their thoughts with others on the websites. HTML WYSIWYG Journal editor is available to write journal items and site visitors are allowed to comment on your journal items. This program supports email components such as, persists AspEmail, CDONTS and CDOSYS component support, w3 JMail etc....

Author: Bruce Corkhill   Category: Blog Scripts   License: freeware

This is a program that comes with the ability to allow webmasters to create a full featured weblog. This easy to use tool can be easily customized by using CSS style sheets. This program facilitates administrators to modify weblogs by editing, adding or deleting. It is possible to allow the clients to post comments on every individual blog. This...

Author: Exhedra Solutions, Inc.   Category: Blog Scripts   License: freeware rules when it comes to RSS feeds, RSS directories, software, scripts, articles, RSS syndication, XML, RDF, news, blogs, downloads, parsers and much more.

Author: Ashokaaaa   Category: Blog Scripts   License: freeware

This is an ASP application with which users can print and publish anything they want. This program comes with blogging features and allows users to effectively manage by providing several facilities. This program permits administrators to post entries on desired blog and to facilitate all bloggers to edit their entries. This program comes with a...

Author:   Category: Blog Scripts   License: shareware

This is a fully operational blog or wiki tool that does not require a database to run. This script can be used as a blog, a wiki, or a recent news area. Full Web-based admin included.

Author: Monique   Category: Blog Scripts   License: shareware

This is a blog system that helps users to allow their site visitors to post their ideas and views on the websites. This program has a visual content management system which can be used to add, edit or delete all blog contents. Feed RSS and permalink are available to share articles and to link to that articles. This program provides inner search...

Author: DBlog   Category: Blog Scripts   License: freeware

This is a journal program that comes with an effective WYSIWYG editor for enabling an easier management over the blog. This program facilitates users to include images, links and color to their entries and enables administrators to administrate online. This program comes with RSS feed and an intuitive user interface. Users can take advantage of...

Author:   Category: Blog Scripts   License: shareware

This portal will assist you in organizing and managing your family information, videos and photo's anytime and from anywhere.

Author: gslater   Category: Blog Scripts   License: shareware

This blog works with all major Web log services that support the Blogger XML-RPC engine. It also has an easy-to-use, WYSIWYG interface.

Author: Richard Eradus   Category: Blog Scripts   License: shareware

Add a Blog to your website to air your views, post updates, or even news items. Written in ASP it's easy to integrate into your site and the dynamically generated content will keep your website up-to-date and fresh.

Author: Katy Whitton   Category: Blog Scripts   License: freeware

BlogIt is an easy to use program that can be used to post comments on the websites. Admin can add, edit or delete visitor's blog entries. Blog contents are displayed with heading, posted date, current status etc on the websites. This program prevents unauthorised users to access blog contents on the websites. Admin can update blog contents...

Author: Katy Whitton Web Development   Category: Blog Scripts   License: freeware

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