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BetterCalculator7 Features built in HELP screens, 2 manipulative MEMORY screens, copy/printable RECORD screen, built-in LOAN PAYMENT function (great for auto and mortgage loans) along with an AMORTIZATION SCHEDULE function, NUMBER CRUNCHER returns the decimal number you enter Squared and Cubed as well as the Logarithm, Sin, Cosine, Tangent,...

Author: Jim Anderson   Category: Calculators   License: freeware

Now the webmasters can relieve from the hard task of calculating USPS shipping rates. USPS Domestic Rates Calculator helps to do this task more simpler and accurate. Latest XML technologies are used along with ASP and VB Script. It is ready for integration into the web administrator's website.

Author: ECommerce Max   Category: Calculators   License: shareware

Now webmasters can calculate USPS shipping rates on the fly easily using this newly introduced UPS Shipping Rates Calculator. This online store utility helps the users to calculate the realtime USPS shipping rates. New XML technologies are introduced which is more smarter than old CGI stream. The source code is ready to integrate with the user's...

Author: Ecommercemax Solutions   Category: Calculators   License: shareware

This is a program that enables users to obtain a pre-approval system for mortgaging. This program facilitates customers to enter the system after signing up and performs calculation for income, credit score and assets. This system produces a printable pre-approval letter after having completed every procedure. This system posts two emails to...

Author: Grant Town General Store and Trading Company   Category: Calculators   License: shareware

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