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You have a website but you don't have an online booking system integrated with ... You know ...Customers on the Internet want and need to book reservations immediately, without picking up the phone or waiting for an e-mail reply. For individual properties, representation companies, hotel groups and chains with existing Web sites, we also offer...

Author: Teodor   Category: Calendars   License: shareware   Size: 100.0 KB

This script is built in ASP used for creating a simple online calendar which is used for adding events online. It supports unlimited number of events in a calendar. To add event it displays a form on which the visitors have to fill out and submit the form. The message will be displayed on the given date. It is easy to use and to configure.

Author: XPAND Corporation   Category: Calendars   License: shareware

XcCal is an Active Server Page script application that displays a simple calendar on a web page. It shows the current day highlighted. It can be fully integrated into your website and maintain a 100% seamless look. It utilizes an HTML template to display the calendar.

Author: XCENT   Category: Calendars   License: freeware

Easily publish your dates, events, repeating events, celebrations, and any type of event with the ease of desktop applications.

Author:   Category: Calendars   License: shareware

This Event Calendar is adaptable to any industry, community or organization and provides a full grid calendar, list of daily events and detailed information per event.

Author: Larry Gurreri   Category: Calendars   License: shareware

Experience the power of web based event publishing. Snap WebEvents will help unify your community by enhancing communication and collaboration between community organizations. Snap WebEvents offers a combination of user-friendly interfaces and advanced features that will make event publishing a Snap. The Snap WebEvents calendar was developed...

Author:   Category: Calendars   License: shareware

This calendar matches the needs of communities of all sizes; it combines strong features such as categorical events, three security levels of administration. Free trial for 30 days.

Author: Tomer Pintelaaaa   Category: Calendars   License: shareware

The ASP version of server-side-clock.php, this recursive function tells the date on the server that it is being served from. On loading, it calculates the difference between the client and server times. It then uses that difference to keep itself ticking.

Author: Francisco Charrua   Category: Calendars   License: freeware

This is a real time ASP calendar used in the website by the webmaster which permits the site visitors to add, edit and delete their events from the calendar. It gives full rights to the visitors to control their events easily. It stores the added events inside the database to retrieve later. Users can change the appearance of the calendar using...

Author: Comrie Software   Category: Calendars   License: shareware

This script is built in ASP and can be used by web owners to display their web pages with calendar and time. It has customization facility i.e- it allows users to change the time settings easily. It supports more than two hundred properties and methods. This tool involves with GMT time, ODBC timestamps, dates, hours, minutes, milliseconds etc.,...

Author: Hahn software   Category: Calendars   License: shareware

Power-Web Chat ASP Server Component has been developed for Active / Server Page.By modifying the sample asp files, one can build unique, create / designs and various chat interfaces design. And also by the various / function of properties and methods provided by Power-Web Chat component, / site builders can realize the chatting sites as they...

Author: iMECA web solutions   Category: Calendars   License: shareware

This is an ASP based pop up calendar program which is used in web pages by the webmasters to allow their site visitors to search their required date from the given text box. It is easy to operate and simple to configure the style of the calendar. This calendar software also provides next and previous buttons to view previous and next months.

Author: Comrie Software   Category: Calendars   License: shareware

This script is basically built in ASP which is used to create a popup calendar. This tool asks visitors to enter the date on the given form and it will display correct day for that date. It is easy to install and to use.

Author: ASP Alliance   Category: Calendars   License: freeware

This is an ASP based program which is used to enhance website with powerful event calendar and it has full customizable facility. It allows the website visitors to add their events like, birthday, appointment, engagements etc., to the web calendar online. MS Access database is used to store the events and full data related to the calendar. It...

Author: Ocean12 Technologies   Category: Calendars   License: shareware

The Ocean12 ASP Calendar Manager is a full featured calendar manager program written entirely in ASP and VBScript. It stores data in an Access 2000 database and is configured 100% through the web browser, which means an easy installation process.

Author: Steve Marshall   Category: Calendars   License: freeware

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