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In there is no great Calender Control is Provided Yet and if it is there then its not a just any free of use. I Have Created New Calender Control Using The New Coolest DHTML Calendar Referenced Scripts and after modifying some scripts part i have created ASP.Net Calender User Control Its Free ASP.Net Calender User Control Which You Can...

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Time() Function is a script which is used to display the system time on the website. This function can be done in two methods. The time can be given as twenty four hours format or AM or PM format using time function. This script can be explained with an example. This is an useful script for the webmasters to display time on their websites.

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Just like countdown-clock.js, this script allows you to place countdown clocks on your web site. Unlike that one, whose computed time period depends on the settings of the visitor's computer, this script counts down to the server's date. It is very similar to countdown-clock.js, with the addition of a time differential factor: I use a mixture of...

Author: Francisco Charrua   Category: Date and Time   License: freeware

Julian Date Converter is a script which converts the predictable format date into julian number. It can automatically convert the regional setting of date inverting them. Users can transform the usual date format into julian number by using another function called Datediff function. This script is more useful for the users.

Author: Chris Hembrow   Category: Date and Time   License: freeware

This script is helpful for private firms to construct and format date object and time to industry standards. Users can sort the settings of dates using sort algorithms. It stores date inside a XML database. This utility converts VB and VB script date object to ISO8601 standard and regain to VB.

Author: XStandard   Category: Date and Time   License: freeware

Displaying the date last modified is a simple thing to do. All it takes is calling up the ol File Scripting Object and there you have it! The last modified date, DYNAMICALLY! Every time the file is modified this info is written into the file. The FSO knows just how to read that for you.

Author: Derek Truman   Category: Date and Time   License: freeware

Using this component you can perform date and time formating, calculate elapsed time, pause your ASP application, GMT date and time formating and much more. Buy Now for only $19.99 using our secure site or download a free trial version. You can also buy the source code for only $199.99.

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Display Date and Time in Many Formats is a script which describes the users how to show the date and time in several formats on their websites using Formatdatetime function. It shows how to display VB general date, VB long time, VB short date, VB short time, etc. An optional date format and a required date variable are the two input parameters...

Author: Amit Agarwal   Category: Date and Time   License: freeware

Day() Function is a script which shows the users to display only the day number of the month on their websites. A detailed description is given in this script. This script is a quick and an easy way to display the day number of the month.

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Day Planner is a script which describes the users to show the planning of a day on their websites. The procedure of this script is given in detail with an example. This script is more helpful and useful for the novice programmers.

Author: ASP Emporium   Category: Date and Time   License: freeware

ASP.NET DateSelector User Control based on JavaScript.

Author: Timaaaa   Category: Date and Time   License: freeware

Date Format is an utility which helps the users how to configure the date on their webpages. The formats such as the month, the day of the week, name of the month, name of the day, the year, the day, etc., are possible with this script. This utility will be of great help for the users for displaying dates according to their choice.

Author: ASP Examples   Category: Date and Time   License: freeware

Custom Dates is a multi-platform compatible script that allows the display of a date in any faormat required. It's largely based on what the PHP date() function can do. It can take a date string (eg, "10/11/2001 23:12:41") and perform a number of structural changes - based on a defined structure you give it - that result in a formatted...

Author: RF   Category: Date and Time   License: freeware

Copyright Auto-update Script is a multi-platform compatible script that will keep your copyright current dymanically. Updating pages really bytes, so here's a quick tip to let your server do this for you. It is so simple you will wonder why you are here reading this.

Author: RF   Category: Date and Time   License: freeware

CLOX WebMaster puts live newsroom-style time clocks on to your web page or portal site and keeps visitors coming back for more. CLOX WebMaster (AKA Webclox) uses an ultra-fast DLL component and tiny, ultra-optimised animated GIF files, no messing with browser unfriendly Java or Active-X components or requiring plugins, any browser will do...

Author: Ian   Category: Date and Time   License: shareware

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