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WHAT DOES THIS CLASS SQLite.h SQLite class manages all the requests, execution. SQLStatement.h SQLStatement class manages the responses of SQLite and type it into a table that is easy to recovered thereafter. Datamanager.h A class that uses a Singleton Bonus to load a database which will allow you to access it anywhere in your program without...

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In this article we'll show you how to easily set up Scheduler .NET with a special server-side library called dhtmlxConnector. It considerably speeds up and simplifies the creation of an event calendar in ASP.NET.

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Google's services will be of tremendous use in your career. In fact in my career i had to use Google in my second project. I realized that there's no implementation of the Google API on the market that is both fast and easy to use. So, I dedicated some of my time to bring you what I've been using in my projects all along. Before you purchase...

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Yahoo style listing and search features. You can use this software just to add links or to add software or products links . User can also add review to particular links and also can rate the links / software / websites . Admin has to approve links / software/ websites. Admin can setup email for different options. This software is highly inspire...

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