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All being greatly configurable, editing a simple text file which contains more than 60 options. Easy installation through upload and addition of some simple lines in a page of your website. All of this as Freeware and Open-source (more than 4000 lines of code Perl 1500 lines of comments). Enjoy !

Author: Eric Lequien   Category: Open Directory Project   License: freeware   Size: 519.8 KB Clone v3.5.4 is a CMS Software, developed as a clone of the popular portal Features:- No Callback, Unlimited Categories, Unlimited Sub-Categories, Unlimited Types, Unlimited Articles, video upload, Image Upload, CMS System, Editable Terms Page, Editable Privacy Page, Editable Contacts Page, Editable About Us Page,...

Author: iTechScripts   Category: Open Directory Project   License: shareware   Size: 8.0 MB

ODPac is a search script which will allow your visitors to search the internet without ever leaving your site. This can greatly increase the stickiness of your website and aid in generating additional page views and possibly increasing ad revenue. It could also lead to greater amounts of return or repeat traffic. ODPac uses the XML object which...

Author: Derek Truman   Category: Open Directory Project   License: freeware

Engine Promotion - DMOZ Extractor is an ASP program that will extract DMOZ search engine. You can put the same listings on your website to create more for your visitors to see.

Author: Barry Wright   Category: Open Directory Project   License: freeware

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