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This is a simple program that helps users to create quotes, testimonials, jokes and display them randomly when a page is refreshed every time. Admin can add, edit or delete quotes and activate and deactivate them. Users can view quotes every time and can implement this software into their active website. It has seperate area for admin and user....

Author: Expinion.net   Category: Quote Display   License: freeware

Make your website more interesting by adding this quote display script on your website. It displays quotes.

Author: SuckyStraw   Category: Quote Display   License: freeware

XCENT QuickQuotes is a quote management database that allows you to display random quotations anywhere on your web site. It includes sample famous quotations, or else you can use it to display your own quotations. It is easy to add to any page on your site by adding a single line of code. It is free, so why not download it today!

Author: XCENT   Category: Quote Display   License: freeware

FREEKOT is a free tool which allows you to insert a random quotation system or a quote of the day in your website. You will be able to customize the text colors and background colors. In the admin part you can add, modify and delete all the quotations in the system.

Author: Francois Panassac   Category: Quote Display   License: freeware

This program helps webmasters to allow their visitors to view a quote whenever they visit their websites. This program supports Microsoft Access database and displays a new quote on every refreshment of the website. Webmasters can have the facility to manage quotes by removing or adding through secure admin area.

Author: fipsASP   Category: Quote Display   License: freeware

This is an useful article in CMS that summarizes the step by step procedures for creating an efficient random text displayer for your web pages. The author has given example codes for the above program. A new text or quote would be displayed on users webpages whenever it is refreshed. You are also provided with procedures for creating and...

Author: ASP Web Pro, Inc   Category: Quote Display   License: freeware

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