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xPermission is a MTS aware component that gives you swift and easy access to information about, and creation of Windows NT user groups and accounts. It encapsulates chosen parts of the Microsoft ADSI 2.0 NTLM provider. xPermission is perfect for handling permission checking such as Is user X a membor of group Y? /

Author: Jonas Ekman (LightCom Solutions)   Category: User Management   License: shareware

This is a program where the users can track the site visitors details and websites referring. This program allows the users to track the number of visitors visiting their website. The users can also track the visitors location and most requested webpage of the website. This program is / useful for the users and the webmasters. Features like...

Author: Eradus   Category: User Management   License: shareware

Built upon AuthentiX, WebQuota offers capabilities for webmasters who are concerned about misuse of website membership privileges. Features include: Validate against database or NTFS, Limit concurrent logins to your website, Automatically terminate compromised accounts, Apply throttles to usage - by KBytes, requests or logins in a given period,...

Author: Flicks Software   Category: User Management   License: shareware

Several users using one and the same account? Hackers stealing and posting your passwords? Secure your website with WebLoginPRO - the first secure professional single login application with Computer Activation Key. /

Author: WebLoginPRO   Category: User Management   License: shareware

ASP VT-Auth allows you to have a global authentication system for members of your website, protect any number of pages and directories. You don't need MS Access, mySQL or SQL databases to store usernames and passwords! All login information stored in one small text file. Each member has his own protected folder. Simple configuration, Unlimited...

Author: Vlad Titarenko / VT-Scripts   Category: User Management   License: freeware

Allows administrators to password protect streaming media (video and audio) served through Windows Media Services / NetShow. / Restricts the connection of user IP addresses. / Validates Form Login against ODBC database. / Checks content access rights against ODBC database. / Updates intensive reports of media steaming to ODBC database. / Limited...

Author: David W   Category: User Management   License: freeware

This is a user management program where the users can login from a database which is editable in MS Access 2000 database with ASP. This program is a suitable solution for the user verfication process. This program is helpful for the system administrators and the users.

Author: R. Riglar   Category: User Management   License: freeware

X-Login is a powerful User Management system, with current features:Web-based Administration and Configuration,Secure and Scalable Application,Protected Pages and Content,Group Based Protection,Access and Login Audits,Forgot Password,E-Mail User,Encrypted Passwords,Require Strong Passwords,Administrator Logoff,Dictionary Attack Protection

Author: FreedomWeb.US Enterprises   Category: User Management   License: shareware

This is an user management application and a membership system where the users can subscribe to access the secured area by integrating online payments. This program has features like free trial period, recurring payments and more are available.

Author: Flicks Software   Category: User Management   License: freeware

This is a turnkey subscription software that can enable any website to accept users subscriptions. When a visitor pays and subscribes, a mail containing username and password along with a login link is sent. This program has many other features like, ability to add any number of payment plans, send mails to all users, admin can view user details...

Author: Wayne   Category: User Management   License: shareware

This is a membership system where the users can build membership website to provide security to their files or folders from intruders. This program provide a cookie option for the users to remember login to access the secured webpages. This program has features like password protection for the ASP webpage, user can modify password, admin can /...

Author: ArtGalleryKit   Category: User Management   License: shareware

This is a user management program where the users can register themselves by providing their username and passwords for protecting their webcontents. This program provide features like remembering login with cookies, automatic login, extended user info, expire user by date, admin can activate manually, registration page, tracks user logins, user...

Author: Frontpage   Category: User Management   License: shareware

An easy-to-use user authentication script. Users are updated through an Access database. The script consists of a login page and a passchecker page.

Author: Lee Bartholomewaaaa   Category: User Management   License: freeware

SiteSecurity is easily integrated with any existing or new ASP application,- it's the perfect authentication system for any eCommerce, members-only, or Intranet website. SiteSecurity is a membership management and login system that enables you to add database-driven authentication to any website using Internet Information Server 4.0+ on Windows...

Author: SiteSecurity   Category: User Management   License: shareware

This is a program that enables administrators to perform user management and to protect their websites. This program comes with an interface that can be easily skinned and has the ability to protect the URLs by using a simple code. This program facilitates administrators to activate or deactivate user regitration and to encrypt the content. This...

Author:   Category: User Management   License: freeware

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