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ASP.NET is more easier than other development technologies and languages. While working on platform, you may access to system windows event log. Using System namespace you retrieve messages.

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This OnTime Defect Tracker tool is useful for the software development team to handle the bugs in their projects and you can easily generate reports based on the bugs information and it is uploaded in pdf format. Any number of images or files can be added to the defects or feature using this tool and it provides Role-Based and Project-Based...

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This program is perfect for beginners and advanced programmer's alike. The basic version is perfect in that it's turnkey. Reference the DLL into your application, modify the configuration settings, and you are ready to start logging your errors, events, and exceptions like a professional. / Speaking of professionals, if you are a seasoned .NET...

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ErrorReporter is a one which report the errors occured and the condition of the system during the error occurence to the webmaster and send an alert message. It also helps the user to find out the cause of the error which helps admin to eliminate the factors which cause error. It is an efficient tool for the user to find out the error correction.

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Using this web based bug tracker tool you can easily search for errors by means of SQL queries in your application. You can even add JPG/GIf files for error checking using this tool and it display the bug entries with different colours.Errors can be sent through email with the help of pop3 protocols and this tool will send reply for the emails....

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