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This dynamic link library tool is based on ASP.NET which is helpful for the web developers to create their own HTML based wizard forms quickly and it requires any programming knowledge and also the users can edit and generate XML form definitions. Users can easily move to and fro from the form. It stores entire data into the XML data server....

Author: Active Data Online Pty Ltd   Category: Form Processing   License: shareware

Wittysoft ListLibrary is a ASP.NET server component used to place or display a list of data in an ordered or definition or unordered list. By placing details using these HTML lists, it makes the site more interactive and informative for the users to view easily. Data can be added into this HTML lists via databinding. This is easy to customize...

Author: Wittysoft LLC   Category: Form Processing   License: shareware

This is an ASP.NET based form processing tool that helps webmasters who want to update their pages with new properties and events. It will deliver the updated pages in few specified time. By using this tool webmasters can resume their old events from the server after post back has been received. It supports maximum browsers and it is simple to use.

Author: Silk Webware   Category: Form Processing   License: shareware

This script is basically built by using ASP.NET application which is helpful for the developers to see whether the form is submitted or not i.e- it display a pop-up box by using javascript that shows the form has been successfully submitted for confirmation.

Author: Silk Webware   Category: Form Processing   License: shareware

This script is based on ASP.NET which is used for developing a web form with showhide button form by which the web developers can show and hide several control features back to button i.e- if the web user click the button it will hide the given text and alternatively it shows the text when the same button is clicked. It supports several...

Author: Gokhan Altinoren   Category: Form Processing   License: freeware

A Captcha image generator and validator designed to stop robots. Easy to integrate into any existing application. Released under the BSD licence: source code is avaliable.

Author: Steven Giacomelli   Category: Form Processing   License: freeware

"VAM" is second generation webform validation that overcomes the limitations of Microsoft's validation controls and greatly expands concepts of validation. It includes 22 validators, new ways to format error messages and get the user's attention, validation groups, and client-side support on most modern browsers.

Author: PeterBlum   Category: Form Processing   License: shareware

This is a program with which webmasters can build full featured combobox with more facilities. It is possible to create combobox with drop down functionalities and to enable automation on completing field. This combobox comes with several options such as limit to list entries or free form and allows administrators to hide drop down list entirely.

Author: Omnipotent Software   Category: Form Processing   License: shareware

This script is helpful for the programmers or for the web users to restrict the users not to type the text above maxium length specified by the users. Features of this tool are, it gives feedback to the corresponding user with remaining character stats, it gives alert message using JS popups if the text reaches the given maximum length and it...

Author: Matt Lehman   Category: Form Processing   License: freeware

This script is helpful for the webmasters who want to develop their web forms without errors and it provides user friendly environment for the users. It has many enhanced features they are, automatic detection of browser, visual validation is available in the form fields, validation summary can be easily customized, it validates while typing and...

Author: Mad Widgets   Category: Form Processing   License: shareware

This is an useful tool for the web developers to verify the user entries and if any error or any correction is found, it will inform an alter message to the users and the cursor will be placed on the form control. It can be used on any control buttons, checkbox, radio button etc., This script is easy to install and to use.

Author: Gary D   Category: Form Processing   License: shareware

This program is helpful for the webmasters to use on their web sites form field which scans any error found in the form field, if any error is found it focus the cursor automatically to the error for further correction. It can be used for page validation and form validation before submitting form.

Author: Fluent Consulting   Category: Form Processing   License: freeware

ecFormBuilder is a form processing system which is helpful for the webmasters to generate their web pages with different types of form like, email form, order form, registration form etc., with form validation facility which validates each forms and fields for error i.e- it checks empty field, emails, field size, range, numeric value etc., This...

Author: NCC Technology Group   Category: Form Processing   License: shareware

This is an easy to use component that helps users to generate list boxes on ASP.NET web pages. This program can be customized according to user's preference. This program is compatible with dreamweaver and provides multiple column dropdown lists. Linked lists with swappable items and N-tiered dependent lists are provided with this software....

Author:   Category: Form Processing   License: shareware

With the help of this ASP.NET based utility webmasters can create dropdowns for year, month and days. This program has the ability to validate the date as soon as any date is selected. Webmasters can utilize this dropdown on their web forms for any purpose.

Author: Comrie Software Solutions   Category: Form Processing   License: shareware

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