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This is a program that has the ability to generate thumbnails for website URLs. Thumbnails are created with GIF images. This program can be customized to use any image formats for thumbnails. This is a very handy utility for the webmasters in .NET.

Author: Microsoft Corporation   Category: Instant Messaging   License: freeware

Sockets4AIM is a instant messenger which support TOC protocol. It has the capacity to connect with any AOL messenger. It helps the user in automatically sending the alive message without missing it. It has the enhanced features by supporting buddy operations like Block, Permit, Request Buddy profile etc. This utility can be easily integrated...

Author: LiquidCool Research,LTD.   Category: Instant Messaging   License: shareware

RFax is a simple utility to send and receive fax to any 'group 3 fax' machine. This application is very helpful to the users by sending and receiving their fax all over the world. This RFax requires a telephone line, .Net Framework and an analog modem. It help the users to work easily. It does not need encoding the data in any special format...

Author: J4L Components   Category: Instant Messaging   License: shareware

Fluent.Toc is an ASP.NET instant messaging tool. It has the capacity to send and receive message. It supports retrieval and configuration of buddy list. It has capablity to change the password. Users can display different status messages like available, inviscible, busy etc.

Author: Fluent Consulting   Category: Instant Messaging   License: freeware

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