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Yanf is a configurable news fetcher coded in C that fetches news from many news sites and outputs what it fetches in a configurable format. It can fetch news from backends that use the Slashdot, Freshmeat, 32bitsonline, Segfault, Packetstorm, LinuxTelephony, LinuxToday, LinuxApps, BeBits, Geeknews, Linux2000, and Securityfocus format. It also...

Author: Yet Another News Fetcher   Category: Web Fetching   License: freeware

asNews is a program that retrieves news from sources such as IceWalkers, appWatch, Hotwired, Mozilla etc. This program has a couple of GTK-based X11 interfaces. asNews can also organize and collect news in the background working as a daemon.

Author: asNews   Category: Web Fetching   License: freeware

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