User Authentication
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This web site security tool provides an interface to gain control over what users and groups can see and do in your domain. It has two levels of security for the application and the resources in the application. It allows creation of unlimited number of groups with each group having specific rights.

Author: Security Manager   Category: User Authentication   License: shareware

This application point is supporting of default user authentication. It will provide you with whole standard features, include password reset, basic information collection and user records update. If you are going to use it for one domain name portal, the encoded user related information will be delivered through domain cookies. But the main...

Author: Passport   Category: User Authentication   License: shareware

This is a script that acts as a tag which describes about providing login access to the coldfusion site to authenticate members. This program can be handled by the users for unlimited number of sites on a single server. Features like working with tables that are combined, login screen which works for all systems etc are available. This program...

Author: Eclectic Designs   Category: User Authentication   License: freeware

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