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Modification WebView Page Controller in Xcode: *Open Project with Xcode. *Left Menu look files: -FirstViewController.m -SecondViewController.m -ThirdViewController.m -FourViewController.m look lines 7: NSURL *url = [NSURL URLWithString: Change you URL destination for your Apps WebView. *Look files Storyboard for change the name of the...

Author: ChupaMobile.com   Category: XML   License: shareware   Size: 2.0 KB

CFX_XMLParser is a Fast Java CFX tag 1000% faster than the MSXML Parser invoked through CFOBJECT (CFOBJECT based parsers also tend to buckle under load). This parser takes an XML document and returns a ColdFusion structure containing the XML document. This is available in the form of free developer edition. This parser also available in...

Author: Pete Freitag   Category: XML   License: freeware

CFAWS is Windows compatible. Get more information on CFAWS at the website: http://www.kodefusion.com/CFAWS/.

Author: David Medlock, KodeFusion.com   Category: XML   License: shareware

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