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Stouk Bookmarks Manager Pro id the more advanced version of Stouk Bookmarks Manager Pro Lite. Allows users to organize their bookmarks, the admins view can be edited using a WYSIWYG editor or html editor. Categories can be sorted easily, and stats can be seen from from the admin side. Updates are free. /

Author: Stouk   Category: Bookmark Management   License: shareware

Manage categories and links. / Create personalized styles, save styles and change them with a single click. / Increase visitors number to your site by offring free online link manager to each visitor. / Automated user registration via e-mail. / Each click on listed link is counted.

Author: Sergy Stouk   Category: Bookmark Management   License: freeware

FavSync is a free program which will keep your favourites menu from various computers 'In Sync.' Now, using this free Perl script, you can view your favourite URLs, even if you're not at your own computer.

Author:   Category: Bookmark Management   License: freeware

This script has been written to enable you to sort a Netscape bookmark file alphabetically. The script has default setting for being case insensitive. The file that is required to be sorted is read from standard input and is also written to standard output after it is sorted.

Author: booksort   Category: Bookmark Management   License: freeware

Bookmark Master is a script that can manage internet explorers favourite links. It can get information of links such as created time, connected info, connect succeeded time, validity etc. It has facilities to, check for dead links in IE favourites, search IE favourite links with URL and file names, organize links with support for hot keys and...

Author: Bookmark Master   Category: Bookmark Management   License: freeware

BM.PL is a command-line script that converts Internet Explorer 3 Favorites to Navigator 3 Bookmarks, converts Navigator 3 Bookmarks to Internet Explorer 3 Favorites, allows you to optionally sort bookmarks as they are converted and controls how many folders deep you want to convert.

Author: Bookmark Converter (BM.PL)   Category: Bookmark Management   License: freeware

bmarkcgi is a CGI program that overcomes the problems of Netscape and allows you to publish your Netscape bookmarks on a Web site. The bookmarks can be published in a controlled way and you can choose how the format of the output. Some of its features are bullets, header, footer, splitting the output into multiple files and many more and If a...

Author: bmarkcgi   Category: Bookmark Management   License: freeware

bmark generate a set of Web pages from your Netscape bookmarks file. These are organized in the manner desired by you. It creates the Web pages dynamically and these can be updated by just transferring the bookmarks file. It allows you option of creating private pages for private bookmarks. Because this creates HTML files, you can edit them...

Author: bmark   Category: Bookmark Management   License: freeware

b. is a bookmarking manager and is web based and accessible from any browser. The features are- A new and powerful feature is the ability to share bookmarks. These shared bookmarks may be publicly viewed by all, while a certain set of users have the ability to add or change them,Bookmark data stored in XML format,its customizable and one can...

Author: Victor Liu   Category: Bookmark Management   License: freeware

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