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This script displays the date, and uses an image to show the day( display is on the top of the page. To show time it uses the local time function of your server. You can also display any other or different time simply by adding or subtracting hours. This is done by setting the number to add or subtract in the head of the script menu. To show the...

Author: Today Header   Category: Clocks   License: freeware

Shows date and time and can include special messages for holidays or birthdays on certain dates. Also will display special messages based on the time of day. Completely customizable with online admin.

Author:   Category: Clocks   License: shareware

This handy little script will place the date/time on your page in any format you choose. Easy to configure and set up. Allows you to choose, formats, font styles, color, and size, and also allows comments before your date.

Author:   Category: Clocks   License: freeware

An SSI script that displays the date and/or time in a wide variety of formats. Also supports short messages that can be displayed at selected times.

Author:   Category: Clocks   License: freeware

Month and date script that allows you to change the font style, color and size to match the layout of your site.

Author:   Category: Clocks   License: freeware

This script requires SSI to work. It is a text-based clock. It can display standard or military time.

Author: Show Time   Category: Clocks   License: freeware

Display the server date and time with this little script. You can even display the time and date on your webpages using SSI.

Author:   Category: Clocks   License: freeware

Allows you to change the display of the server time, to match your local time anywhere in the world.

Author:   Category: Clocks   License: freeware

This program will display any combination of time, day, month and date using Server Side Includes to in-line the text directly into your page.

Author:   Category: Clocks   License: freeware

Lyles Clock and Hit Counter is a script that offers a multiple display of day, date, time and hit counter. You can select the font, font size and font color of all functions and their respective displays. The choice of what to display and in what sequence is left to you. In addition, it allows you to add a definite number of hits to the...

Author: Lyles Clock / Hitcounter   Category: Clocks   License: freeware

An easy to use script that helps you display server time on unlimited pages. Customize the font size and face, and choose what to display.

Author:   Category: Clocks   License: freeware

This script will help you show the date and time of the last updation of the HTMl file of your website. Lastmod.cgi is the script file, which without any extra files can be used to find out the last updation on any number of pages on your website.

Author: Last Modified   Category: Clocks   License: freeware

jb Time script is based on CGI which displays server's time. It displays time in many ways on any web pages according to users preference. This script is highly customizable. Users can customize font size, font color, font type etc., It has unlimited number of time styles using pre defined codes. Javascript or SSI can be used without any...

Author: Kevin Pham   Category: Clocks   License: freeware

This script will help you to synchronize the time when there is difference between the time in your home town and the time where your site is hosted. This script can be used when the time difference is anywhere more than 30 minutes upwards. It offers a number of display options. This is a freeware product and is an improved version of getdate.cgi.

Author: getdate2.cgi   Category: Clocks   License: freeware

ezTime is a user friendly script that can be used to display server time in as many ways as you can imagine in as many web pages as you want. Some of its salient features are unlimited number of uses, unlimited number of time-styles using pre defined codes, can be used in any language, can be used as SSI or JavaScript without any degradation and...

Author: ezTime   Category: Clocks   License: freeware

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