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Nahonix is a junction for both business managers and for the freelancers. Through nahonix, business managers can post their projects requirements and then they can bid their required project managers online. If the freelancers need to get projects from the buyers they can signup and place bids through nahonix.

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We handle most aspects of the creation and management of commercial web sites. This includes creation services, such as web design and ui development, as well as web automation so that your customers can quickly and easily serve themselves. /

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Installation of any CGI or PHP script from The Site Doctor for only $25. Professional, prompt service.

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Scripts are customized to your exact needs and what is needed for the type of web site that is being run. A variety of scripting languages are used for custom scripting projects based in CGI-Perl, PHP, Java, Javascript as well as projects that would require a mixture of these languages. Script installation services are also provided for existing...

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