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FLATTEXT Zip Code Locator is a perl script that display the closest records to any U.S. zip code entered. This script is ideal for dealer directories, people and store locators, or any other type of database that contains a zip code field. Allows you to select the number of miles to limit search to, number of records to display per page, and...

Author: zipcodelocators.com   Category: Special Purpose   License: shareware

A trouble report and change handling system to keep track of open/completed change requests or script bugs. Includes attachments and email notifications, an admin interface, and database support for MS Access, MySQL and MS SQL.

Author: software.bmgfactor.com   Category: Special Purpose   License: freeware

A web-based database shell using thin client approach and a RAD tool for development of database driven applications. It creates dictionary based systems or generates source codes in a variety of languages.

Author: mimtech.com   Category: Special Purpose   License: freeware

Keep track of all open and closed action items. Features user admin, percent completion, mark and unmark. It can be used for businesses or for personal use. Supports MySQL, MS-Access and MS SQL.

Author: software.bmgfactor.com   Category: Special Purpose   License: freeware

A version control system to keep track of all latest and old versions of documents or software. Key features include checkin, checkout, history and archiving.

Author: software.bmgfactor.com   Category: Special Purpose   License: freeware

A system to keep track of resource and timelines. Add new resources and manage them based on projects. Includes a graphical or tabular output, multiple projects, easy resource tracking and archiving. Supports MySQL, MS-Access and MS SQL.

Author: software.bmgfactor.com   Category: Special Purpose   License: freeware

Toolbase is a download archive based on a kind of flatfile database. It is searchable and the layout may be customized using a templatefile. Simple useracounting is also available to give different users permission to add items to the archive.

Author: orvio.de   Category: Special Purpose   License: freeware

A template based database system that you can use to manage bookmarks, address lists, image data and audio data.

Author: ztml.com   Category: Special Purpose   License: freeware

A simple, database-backed comment system for websites. It uses server side includes (SSI) so you can easily add it to existing static pages.

Author: summersault.com   Category: Special Purpose   License: freeware

Small script which will allow you to add, view, and search through a flat-file database.

Author: cgiexpo.com   Category: Special Purpose   License: freeware

A database of US addresses and corresponding geographical coordinates. It can be used to find the location of any given address or to calculate distance between two addresses. It consists of 30,000,000 records.

Author: risearch.org   Category: Special Purpose   License: shareware

pssRecruit is a web-based job board to recruit employees. Recruiters can work from anywhere, any time and it enables applicants to easily find and apply for your positions. The interface is customizable to support your branding, banner advertisements and language choice.

Author: progressivesoft.com   Category: Special Purpose   License: freeware

This script allows you to search for a person (substring) in a flat file phone directory. The script then returns the results matching the search criteria.

Author: jdonohue.com   Category: Special Purpose   License: freeware

MedLink is a CGI Medical database and analysis program. Ideal for any medical site; from general medical sites to specific sites such as optometry sites, cancer sites, cardiovascular sites, even vetenerian sites. Easy to use database allows you to enter symptoms, diagnosis names and the URL that corresponds to the diagnosis. The URL can be an...

Author: home.hiwaay.net   Category: Special Purpose   License: shareware

A webbased application solely for cataloging manga. Generate a full and complete listing of one's manga collection for online publishing. Can be used for both public or private reference.

Author: sigh.org   Category: Special Purpose   License: freeware

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