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Quickly and efficiently search through large MySQL tables from your web browser. You can view, search and sort through tables in any MySQL database, store views, ignore columns and more.

Author: Webnet77.com   Category: SQL Databases   License: freeware

Backup the structure and data of your MySQL databases. The script runs from command prompt so you can use crontab or another system scheduler to automate the process. The script browses all databases that you select and writes SQL statements for creating tables and inserting data into files.

Author: right-web.net   Category: SQL Databases   License: freeware

A set of Perl scripts that create forms, SQL databases, and HTML templates. Once installed on your server, Perl Studio can create all the necessary files to process your form, insert the info into an SQL database, and search and display records in your database. Customize the look of your search results page with HTML templates.

Author: perl-studio.com   Category: SQL Databases   License: shareware

A program to interact with Oracle, Sybase, DB2, MySQL, mSQL and CSV databases.

Author: elora.hostings.com   Category: SQL Databases   License: freeware

Create an XML feed for a database and allow webmasters to pull data from your active databases.

Author: nahonix.com   Category: SQL Databases   License: shareware

Easily allows you to backup your invaluable MySQL databases within seconds. Comes with easily customizable templates to change the look and feel of the program. With Cron tab it will automatically back up all stored backup procedures. Easy to use interface makes backing up databases a pleasure.

Author: nahonix.com   Category: SQL Databases   License: shareware

This script is intended to manage MySQL database tables through a web interface. Just edit and configure one file.

Author: solution4web.com   Category: SQL Databases   License: freeware

MySQLMan is a web-based database management solution that allows you to perform tasks such as browse, add, modify and delete databases, tables, columns, keys and more from your mySQL server.

Author: gossamer-threads.com   Category: SQL Databases   License: freeware

This program provides an easy to use graphical interface to access a MySQL database engine. It can be accessed from a web browser anywhere, with no special programs required.

Author: esolutiononline.com   Category: SQL Databases   License: shareware

A simple browser front end to MySQL. Easily dump, create, query, drop, and modify MySQL database tables. Includes password and IP address access security.

Author: quicomm.com   Category: SQL Databases   License: freeware

Manage and view the contents of multiple MySQL databases. Easily back up and restore multiple tables simultaneously to a server or your hard drive.

Author: perlscriptsjavascripts.com   Category: SQL Databases   License: shareware

This program provides an advanced user friendly interface with Mysql server, allowing database management and direct data editing without using command lines. Includes a print feature, export and import functions, access control, a help link, and installation via a graphical interface.

Author: cgiscriptshop.com   Category: SQL Databases   License: shareware

This script takes a snapshot of all your databases, compresses the file and sends it to you by email or FTP. It can be run from the command line or a cron job, as well as remotely from your browser. Free support is included.

Author: keskydee.com   Category: SQL Databases   License: shareware

Backup your MySQL database and restore hundreds of MB of data in minutes. This utility can be automated by cron to run as often as you wish.

Author: jimmelanson.ca   Category: SQL Databases   License: shareware

Create a 1,000+ searchable databases with this easy to use interface. Connects to MySQl. Each DB has its own username/passsword registration. Now hooks directly into card services, with additonal account setup and display options. Features templates for design.

Author: multidbexpress.com   Category: SQL Databases   License: shareware

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