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A web hosting control panel that provide hosting automation for Linux platforms. Includes account setup and automatic monthly/quarterly/annual billing via 2CheckOut.com. It enables your customer to choose a desirable hosting package and order it in real time.

Author: xpanel.org   Category: Homepage Communities   License: shareware

Provide individual websites for your users in a secure, administered environment. Automatically accept user signups or approve each user. Accounts can be searched, deleted or modified. Users upload their webpages using FTP.

Author: xpanel.org   Category: Homepage Communities   License: freeware

Allows you to provide individual websites to your users with a WYSIWYG browser-based editor and file manager in a template-based, secure environment. You can also allow them to upload pages created using their own offline HTML editor.

Author: webumake.com   Category: Homepage Communities   License: shareware

Ever wanted to allow your visitors to have free websites? We have your solution. Ultra Home allows website owners to provide their visitors with free homepages without the cost of adding real accounts to their system.

Author: perlpalace.com   Category: Homepage Communities   License: shareware

A complex system to organize your own free hosting service with ads support. It features full server management, including database management.

Author: td-systems.com   Category: Homepage Communities   License: shareware

Showcase allows you to create an online community, providing a fully-automated and highly-customisable system for members to show their items, whether it be cars, dogs, boats, houses or anything else you want people to display. It features categories, photo gallery, rating, comments and full admin control.

Author: uplink.com.au   Category: Homepage Communities   License: shareware

This site engine allows you to generate dynamic sites in a simple and convenient way.

Author: rejump.com   Category: Homepage Communities   License: freeware

Database driven advanced membership and profile management system. The user can view, modify, or delete their profile or search others profiles. You have control over the users ability to design their profile page. Admin features include search/delete user, user statistics, database backup, mass mailing, htaccess protection.

Author: interlogy.com   Category: Homepage Communities   License: shareware

A database driven membership and profile page management system. When a user registers, it saves user data in a database and creates a static web page. Users can then log on and modify their information and profile page.

Author: interlogy.com   Category: Homepage Communities   License: freeware

This script allows you to run a virtual community/portal on your site with clubs, chat, instant messages, searching the web, newsletters, themes, web editor for users to build their own web sites, a community database, support for mods, an easy installer, admin features and more.

Author: idotco.com   Category: Homepage Communities   License: shareware

An automated community builder to give away web space to your visitors. Includes many features for both you and your visitors. Has been test with over 2 million users.

Author: itz4u.com   Category: Homepage Communities   License: shareware

How about the idea of Electronic Bussiness Card? This Perl script is very useful, if you want to give your site visitors free web space but you don't want to use a lot of resources. Your visitors fill out a form and instantly create their static homepages which look like a bussiness card.

Author: interlogy.com   Category: Homepage Communities   License: freeware

A fully customizable, feature-rich membership utility. Users can login to manage their profile, browse the member directory, send and receive personal messages, post messages in the forums, view online users, keep track of online buddies and more. It comes with unlimited email support and free installation.

Author: mymemberspro.com   Category: Homepage Communities   License: shareware

Give visitors to your site a free website. Set the number of pages and graphic uploads per site. Three layout options plus an HTML editor. A mailing list is made of all users. Put a link to your site on every webpage.

Author: millroad.com   Category: Homepage Communities   License: shareware

Inserts headers and footers on the fly into HTML like Geocities. Set up a Geocities clone on a dedicated or virtual server. You can even set this up to work in just a subdirectory of a domain or the whole domain. The applications are endless. You can choose which extentions are affected.

Author: kineticscripts.com   Category: Homepage Communities   License: shareware

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