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WebExam gathers all completed exams in a database. It runs on Unix, Windows and MacOs. It is available for free.

Author: WebExam   Category: Tests and Quizes   License: freeware

A developer's kit that allows you to create interactive tests and training programs for use online or on CD-ROM. Can handle true/false, multiple choice, short answer, long answer, and essay questions. Users can have their answers graded and then printed, emailed, or submitted online.

Author: uburst.com   Category: Tests and Quizes   License: shareware

It is used by Metro Truck Driving School, Belkin Components, Stony Brook University Chemistry Department and Best of Health Online. The application is written in Perl and uses a unique Perl Module known as DBI that interfaces with most SQL databases on Windows NT or Unix. Its new features are checkbox questions - multiple response, multiple...

Author: The Quiz Engine   Category: Tests and Quizes   License: freeware

Allows you to setup web based tests easily. Keeps track of various user's scores. Can be adjusted to meet your needs.

Author: supercgis.com   Category: Tests and Quizes   License: shareware

This script is geared to look similar to the exams posted at any VUE testing facility.Featues include: ease of testing/grading; e-mail integration/notification; weighted questions and answers; multiple classes/multiple students; grade book keeping; and more.

Author: Scottaaaa   Category: Tests and Quizes   License: shareware

This is a perl based quiz and test program where the users can perform quiz and can get the accurate results for them. The answers are stored in a text file which is compared with the quiz takers answers and the results can be available in the users browsers. The score of the / user is between 3-9 and the question has a value between 1-3.

Author: Serve   Category: Tests and Quizes   License: freeware

A CGI random quiz generator. Teacher/admin may add to a pool of questions and multiple-choice/true-false answers with the admin interface. Through the use of cookies, students are randomly given a predetermined number of questions. Students won't get the same question more than once, and each student will see the questions in a different order....

Author: linguistic-funland.com   Category: Tests and Quizes   License: freeware

Quiz Mill allows you to easily create online quizzes and tests that use any combination of multiple choice, multiple select, and short answer questions.

Author: iconinteractive.com   Category: Tests and Quizes   License: shareware

This script gives results in the form of graphs and looks at the interpretation of each score. With this script, quizzing is easy as all you have to do is to edit a plain text file that has all the questions and answers. It is available for free.

Author: Quiz Me! Fun Internet Quizzer   Category: Tests and Quizes   License: freeware

This script allows the quiz-taker to select the number of questions he wants to attempt, and they are then randomly selected from the database and displayed. After the answers are submited, a page of results will be displayed showing the user's results and correct answers. An admin script is also provided to let you add and remove questions with...

Author: teca-scripts.com   Category: Tests and Quizes   License: freeware

The features are question and option text of each quiz stored in a database,- build as many questions and options per question as you like,- quizzes can be created into different folders or all in one folder,- check the latest scores of any quiz,- construction of domain name URL's inside the question, option, and/or explanation,- data is only...

Author: QuickQuiz Interface   Category: Tests and Quizes   License: freeware

Quiz Mill allows you to easily create online quizzes and tests that use any combination of multiple choice, multiple select, and short answer questions.

Author: Programs_and_Scripts   Category: Tests and Quizes   License: shareware

Online Test engine delivers objective type questions online effectively. Uses fully customizable templates and time-limited test sessions. Requires minimum system resources.

Author: Lewis   Category: Tests and Quizes   License: freeware

MyQuiz presents quizzes using a flat file database for question and answer storage.

Author: corantodemo.net   Category: Tests and Quizes   License: freeware

Create and maintain online quizzes through a point and click interface. Features unlimited categories, quizzes, and questions. Supports multiple choice, short answer, numeric answer, and true/false questions. Questions are displayed randomly to deter cheating. Template driven for customization.

Author: mojoscripts.com   Category: Tests and Quizes   License: freeware

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