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This article starts with showing how to embed XML tags in web pages and turn the HTML files into mini databases. It follows this by constructing a Perl client that queries the embedded XML tags and displays them. The article finally develops a script that builds a top-news summary.

Author: XML and Perl: Embedding XML in HTML   Category: XML and Perl   License: freeware

This article focuses on integrating XML with relational databases. It brings out the options for transferring data between XML documents and relational databases and demonstrates how this can be achieved via Perl. All the examples from this article are available from the download link at the site.

Author: Kip Hampton   Category: XML and Perl   License: freeware

This tutorial concentrates on how Perl can manipulate RSS so as to convert any news site into an RSS web service. In this XML-based format, the information is described in a format that simplifies the news down to a few key elements. This uses many modules and teaches how to download pages, parse HTML on them and to encode the information in...

Author: Chris Ball   Category: XML and Perl   License: freeware

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