Web Server Maintenance
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A script for machines using Sendmail that will reject email attachments that contain offending attachment extensions. Administrator can block/allow attachments with specific extensions. Can be setup to completely stop email virii and worms.

Author: worldwidecreations.com   Category: Web Server Maintenance   License: freeware

Monitors a site for uptime and for a specific keyphrase on a web page. It sends an alert email and logs the issue if the keyphrase not found.

Author: grohol.com   Category: Web Server Maintenance   License: freeware

A module for Webmin and Sendmail which provides your hosted virtual domains with an interface to add/modify/remove pop accounts and forwards for their domains.

Author: campbus.com   Category: Web Server Maintenance   License: shareware

Outputs: system uptime, httpd status, memory/swap usage, disk space usage, current users logged on and current system processes.

Author: reedmedia.net   Category: Web Server Maintenance   License: freeware

Complete Unix system monitor that checks key parts of your system every five minutes and reports to you if it finds any problems.

Author: perlcoders.com   Category: Web Server Maintenance   License: shareware

Perl script to check if a given HTTPS server is up and delivering the desired page. If not, then it will email a failure notice to a specified email address.

Author: solarspeed.net   Category: Web Server Maintenance   License: freeware

Designed to handle all the needs of your web hosting customers. Extensive user panel and admin panel, billing function, automated setup and more.

Author: smarthostingtools.com   Category: Web Server Maintenance   License: shareware

This script allows you to execture commands without telnet access.

Author: perlcoders.com   Category: Web Server Maintenance   License: shareware

This script enables you to offer free hosting on your dedicated server. The script is an addon for Ensim Webppliance. The provider of free hosting can advertise on free sites by placing a header/footer on each page. It is highly configurable, template based, easy to install and has a web interface for user management.

Author: simscripts.com   Category: Web Server Maintenance   License: freeware

Automatically backup any server to a remote location. Software runs as root so SQL databases and system files can also be backed up. Schedule multiple backups to run from several servers. When local backup is complete, remote server logs in to fetch sipped archive. The two scripts can work together or independently.

Author: Webnet77.com   Category: Web Server Maintenance   License: freeware

Give your customers control of their virtual server with this script's user manager, DNS manager, web manager, email manager and cron manager.

Author: servadministrator.com   Category: Web Server Maintenance   License: shareware

This script provides web browser FTP client facilities with facilities for file deletion, directory creation, upload/download, and direct file viewing.

Author: purpleflash.netfirms.com   Category: Web Server Maintenance   License: freeware

PerlEx allows you to use Perl more efficiently on a Windows based web server by decreasing cpu load and lowering web page delivery times.

Author: activestate.com   Category: Web Server Maintenance   License: freeware

This script will display all the modules that are installed on your server.

Author: guruperl.com   Category: Web Server Maintenance   License: shareware

An advanced web based utility to restart a crashed PC Anywhere session on a remote server. Full logging of user/administrator passwords. Checks for PC Anywhere remote host.

Author: rthawk.com   Category: Web Server Maintenance   License: freeware

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