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Free Hotel Software is a general purpose hotel & motel software which is can be used as a hotel maintenance software, hotel reservations software, hotel management software, hotel billing software, general purpose hospitality software, hotel accounting software, hotel accommodation software, hotel property management software (PMS, PM...

Author: Panna Patel   Category: Accounting   License: demo   Size: 55.0 MB

KindControl is an additional VCL Interface control group,it includes eighteen absolute controls.The controls can help you to design satisfying interface,shorten your interface developing cycle.The maximal character of KindControl is that you can set it optionally, furthest(For example:coloriopicture and transparency of backgrounduCtypeiocolor...

Author: zgc fxh   Category: Accounting   License: shareware   Size: 384.0 KB

Converts Euro to BEF, DEM, ESP, FFR, ITL, NLG.

Author: Websol   Category: Accounting   License: freeware   Size: 172.0 KB

Mortgage Advisor is a powerful yet easy to use program that allows you to calculate, analyze and optimize your mortgage.One of Mortgage Advisor's most useful features is the ability to demonstrate the effect of additional payments on your mortgage. By using this feature you can learn how to pay off your mortgage sooner and save money at the same...

Author: The Other Software Company   Category: Accounting   License: shareware   Size: 529.0 KB

With so many everyday expenses involved in running a household it is essential to plan ahead by creating a monthly budget. Without some form of budgeting you will almost certainly spend more each month than you intended.Budget Advisor allows you to take control of your monthly budget and keep track of your money. No more wondering where your...

Author: The Other Software Company   Category: Accounting   License: shareware   Size: 559.0 KB

Shop-Client to manage the osCommerce (OpenSource).

Author: TMEDIA   Category: Accounting   License: shareware   Size: 5.5 MB

If you carry balances on several credit cards or loans, Debt Calculator can help you save hundreds of dollars in interest. This program will calculate loan payoffs using several different scenarios. The full version will also allow you to print payment schedules and a report comparing the payoff time and interest charges for the different...

Author: Red Sky Software   Category: Accounting   License: shareware   Size: 1.1 MB

VCL component TPWLView is designed for receiving accountls info from PWL-cashe.

Author: Nikolay Nikolaev   Category: Accounting   License: shareware   Size: 33.0 KB

Accent Bank validates UK sort code and account numbers, ensuring accurate data entry and information collection, prior to collecting direct debits or paying direct credits.For direct debit originators this is a highly valuable tool, cutting down the number of errors with bank information, and saving money on administration costs. If you using...

Author: Microresource   Category: Accounting   License: shareware   Size: 3.6 MB

The ChequePRO (Cheque Printing writing Software) program helps you to print on any bank cheque, and manage your customer and bank information pro actively.

Author: Micheal Tan   Category: Accounting   License: shareware   Size: 8.8 MB

This program prints Code 128, EAN 128, Code 39, Code 93 or Code 25 interleaved barcode and text labels. User can set the page, label and page margins print the several barcode and text labels in a few steps.

Author: MemDB Technology Company   Category: Accounting   License: freeware   Size: 685.0 KB

Accounting source code for Delphi. Databases supported are Firebird 1.5 and Interbase 6.5. Reportbuilder is used for the report engine. Reasonably priced for C/S! Multiple currency, GL, AP, AR, Job Costing and Inventory. More features planned for 2005!

Author: Ledger Accounting Software   Category: Accounting   License: shareware

Ledger Accounting Software designs accounting systems that are available with full source code. DBISAM database supported. Datamodules, ReportBuilder and separate fields for accounting purposes are built in. Other databases are supported in other versions. Please visit our website for more information.

Author: Ledger Accounting Software   Category: Accounting   License: shareware   Size: 6 B

BarPrint is a 32 Bit application that runs under Windows 95 and NT. You can create your barcodes by simply entering the desired barcode text and selecting the barcode type. The barcode is generated on your screen. Now you can transfer it to any document or save the barcode as BMP file.

Author: Johnson Simpson   Category: Accounting   License: freeware   Size: 696.0 KB

The purpose of JAM (Jeonsoft Accounting Module) and JAM.NET Accounting System is to increase the speed and efficiency of the overall accounting operation within the company. This will be facilitated by computerizing the accounting system to form a solid software structure which can be utilized for accounting and reports. This system is based on...

Author: JeonSoft Solutions Enterprises (   Category: Accounting   License: freeware   Size: 12.0 KB

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