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3D TVMax game.

Author: tvmaxdigital   Category: Games   License: shareware   Size: 981.0 KB

RotatorHeadz! is a simple logic game. Your task is to catch more than a half of the fields (one square of the matrix) in the 9 x 9 matrix. Put a horizontal or vertical red line (called rotator, use right-click to rotate, left-click to set) on the matrix, but do not allow your opponent to surround the field with the fourth line. That means you...

Author: futurebit software   Category: Games   License: shareware   Size: 1.6 MB

Hexagon is a game and your task is to put various balls on hexagon field, but you must obey some rules such as not to put two balls with the same color one next to another and to avoid placing a ball with the same color as the surrounding border.

Author: futurebit software   Category: Games   License: freeware   Size: 1.7 MB

A sandpile simulator (it's a kind of Conway's Game of Life, really). Fun to watch. Comes with extensive documentation on complex adaptive systems, which is what the sandpile model is.

Author: Troels Jakobsen   Category: Games   License: freeware   Size: 265.0 KB

All in one lottery software that can create and print any wheeling system directly onto the tickets. Great for generating full, partial and abbreviated wheeling systems with no limit. It displays exciting graphs of hot, cold, due etc., numbers. Provides you with suggested numbers that are statistically chosen based on the previous outcome of...

Author: T&T Solutions   Category: Games   License: shareware   Size: 8.6 MB

Explore Esther's Playhouse and discover the fun. Play 15 exciting activities while learning the alphabet, numbers, shapes and colors. Each activity includes full color graphics, animations, sound effects, high quality music, and spoken voice feedback. Esther guides you through her playhouse to help beginning readers and writers develop their...

Author: Star Light Press   Category: Games   License: freeware   Size: 37.3 MB

Word Blitz is a great new fun game of scrambled letters. All you have to do is spell words faster than your computer opponent - it's that easy - but beware it's so addictive that you'll be up all night playing this challenging game. It`s great for improving vocabulary, spelling and stretches the brain - how can such an educational game be so...

Author: SoftSpot Software   Category: Games   License: shareware   Size: 433.0 KB

What's Up is a novel and vertically challenging new word game - including 3 dictionaries. As far as we know, this is the very first version of this game available as a computer program. What's Up brings a 3rd dimension to board word games.

Author: SoftSpot Software   Category: Games   License: shareware   Size: 604.0 KB

Lingo is a challenging word game similar to MasterMind with attractive graphics. The aim of Lingo is to uncover a valid word from five different user-customizable dictionaries which include English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. It is also possible to play in free mode without a dictionary. Through the use of colors, you will know whether...

Author: RpnSoft   Category: Games   License: shareware   Size: 2.2 MB

Breakoutx is a funny game of dexterity and ability where the uniques rules is not to leave fall a lovable ball and to rebound it in a bar to break blocks Every 10,000 points a live is gived to permit a major duration of the game. There are some scenes of diferents forms to permit a major ability of the game. The 10 best records are...

Author: Rodrigo Ruiz   Category: Games   License: shareware   Size: 1.6 MB

Logical game with various difficulty levels for all age categories - Master Mind.The game develops logical thinking, smartness, tenacity, the ability to combine facts, to classify and perceive the given system and environment in a very effective and relaxing way. Thanks to the simplifying settings the game is also suitable for small children.

Author: Robert Mesaros   Category: Games   License: freeware   Size: 550.0 KB

Feed the Snake is a new modern remake of the popular classic snake game. You are a little snake. The goal of the game is grow, grow and grow. You start as a small worm, but you may end as a mighty python. To grow you need a food. This won't the problems for you: you can find a lot of tasty meal. But be caution! You can't live without moving. The...

Author: RealApex   Category: Games   License: shareware   Size: 3.8 MB

Blox World is an entertaining Tetris-clone game. It is a whole new world of Tetris-like games. You will find 14 unique game modes. Combine this number with 3 additional game parameters and you get more than 100 original game combinations.You will always find your favorite kind of Tetris game in Blox World. The game is full of animations...

Author: RealApex   Category: Games   License: shareware   Size: 2.3 MB

Written in Delpi 6.0 using the DelphiX components. This arcade blast-em-up resembles robotron but with a twist. The enemies swarm from the center and your guns travel along the screen edges. Child Mode, reduced graphics options and very cool game play.

Author: RWD Games   Category: Games   License: shareware   Size: 8.4 MB

Tetris game Clone.

Author: RPSoftware   Category: Games   License: freeware   Size: 163.0 KB

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