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TWmiQuery executes queries against WMI service. Use it to retrieve almost any computer configuration information. For example: "select * from Win32_Account"; TWmiConnection connects TWmiQuery component to a destination computer. TWmiProcessControl controls processes running on a local or remote servers; TWmiStorageInfo obtains...

Author: Serguei Khramtchenko   Category: System Components   License: shareware   Size: 1.8 MB

With Callback File System you can create your own file system within your application and expose this file system to Windows as a virtual disk. Callback File System provides a kernel-mode driver, which calls your application when it needs to perform some file system operation, and a user-mode API for use by your application. And your...

Author: EldoS Corporation   Category: System Components   License: shareware   Size: 2 B

An Expert of Delphi IDE for developer to search component easily. It supports searching by partial component name. It displays as an along tool-windows, and the user can add the componet directly to the form only by clicking a button.

Author: Home Lee   Category: System Components   License: freeware   Size: 30.1 KB

XP SysPad is a launcher which makes access to Windows system utilities its specialty. All of the prime Windows system info and utilites such as the individual control panel applets, can be launched with the click of one button, which makes it easier than hunting around the explorer pane or waiting for menus to fold out. For convenience, it also...

Author:   Category: System Components   License: freeware   Size: 723.0 KB

Transparent command console with some other features.Source and instructions for compiling, available at Http://

Author: stefan badenhorst   Category: System Components   License: freeware

The TRdDisplayAdapter displays and updates information regarding the current display adapter, and is aware of external changes to display settings. Including:Adapter Name and Adapter Description.Current display settings: Resolution, colour depth and Refresh Rate.Detailed list of all supported graphics modes:Showing Resolution, colour depth and...

Author: realmdigital   Category: System Components   License: freeware   Size: 18.0 KB

* free for non-commercial usage (only)The madCollection is a collection of system level packages. You won't findvisual components when installing it. These packages are not about visualstuff but about encapsulation of documented and undocumented system APIs.Here's a small list of what these packages can do:- enumerate processes, threads,...

Author:   Category: System Components   License: shareware   Size: 11.3 MB

TXMLIniFile is a component inhertied of TCustomIniFile and save the data insteed of an INI file to an XML file.

Author: delight software gmbh   Category: System Components   License: freeware   Size: 2.0 KB

A very limited trial edition of the Run-time Exception Dumper - Standard version, published to evaluate its basic features.For the features of the full version please refer to the webite.

Author: b-Tech.Net S.r.l.   Category: System Components   License: shareware   Size: 2.0 KB

ZylBattery is a visual Delphi component that diplays the charging level of the battery in a chart. You can specify different colors for different charging levels and you can indicate it also in text format in percents.Beside this functionality it has many other useful methods to:get battery statusget AC line statusget battery lifetime turn off...

Author: Zyl Soft   Category: System Components   License: shareware   Size: 100.0 KB

WallpaperChanger v2.01* Change Windows wallpaper by only one line of code.* Select wallpaper position: Centered, Tiled or Stretched.* Change wallpaper at designtime through component right-click menu.* Methods to capture screen (Desktop or any windows specified by its handle).* Methods to get current wallpaper and position.* Support for any...

Author: Yaser Rajabi   Category: System Components   License: freeware   Size: 13.0 KB

This component lets you execute any other program, selecting the kind of execution desired. It can execute Windows and DOS aplications, and wait for them to end.

Author: Xavier Cirac   Category: System Components   License: shareware   Size: 45.0 KB

This is an Commandbar Hook Component, every button in Office application can be hooked.This component was written, because Delphi/C++Builder cannot handle Events with Interfaces as parameters as the Office.CommandbarButton.OnClick Event has.It is inherited from TOLEServer for easy access to the ConnectionpointContainer.Examples for Word and...

Author: XENIS AG   Category: System Components   License: freeware   Size: 16.0 KB

TFileDropper lets you easily support drag & drop from Windows Explorer and File Manager.As well as just adding files, if you drag a folder it will add the files within the folder as well, and if thats not enough, it will add the files in all the subfolders of that folder.

Author: Workshell Inc.   Category: System Components   License: freeware   Size: 13.0 KB

TArkoSysTray adds a system tray icon for your application.

Author: Winshots Technologies   Category: System Components   License: freeware   Size: 58.0 KB

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