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It is XML driven with over 39 customizable settings. Tons of XML settings have been added and a lot of variations have been implemented inside XML so user can directly customize without opening Flash Adobe. The entire theme color can be changed inside the XML file. Each item can have its own link to a target window. You can observe that you have...

Author: FWDesign   Category: SWF Archives   License: shareware   Size: 1000 B

This is a complete and advanced AS 3.0 XML driven, Resizable Image Gallery with Slideshow & Thumbnails, Fullscreen and with many other advanced features, being perfect for presentations, for anyone that want to obtain a great impact on their visitors, perfect for photographers and programmers.This gallery it's resizable adjusting after the...

Author: FWDesign   Category: SWF Archives   License: shareware   Size: 100.0 KB

This is a XML Zoom & Panning AS 3.0 With Controls product prepared to display high resolution photos, maps and any image or Flash swf. Can be implemented anywhere in a web page, opened through standalone Flash player or used as a component in a Flash project. Resizable to fit within the dimension specified in HTML file. Button controls and...

Author: FWDesign   Category: SWF Archives   License: shareware   Size: 100.0 KB

Its a component that generates snow for your flash projects. Features: Drag and drop Open code source Easy to Use Set the physics for Air and Gravity Set the Flow of snow Set the Area where it snows Config via component panel (AS2 version only)

Author: ricosushi   Category: SWF Archives   License: shareware   Size: 4.0 KB

Fairy Lights is a drag and drop component that generates random fairies for flash backgrounds and webpages. Features: AS2 + AS3 verions in one purchase Drag and Drop Set the size Set the min opacity for the fairies Set the range of size for the fairies Set Fairies rate of birth Set Flying upwards speed Set Flying lateral speed Component...

Author: ricosushi   Category: SWF Archives   License: shareware   Size: 4.0 KB

Easy Leaf Generator is a drag and drop component that generates random leaves for flash backgrounds and webpages. Features: Drag and Drop Easy to Use Set the falling leaves rate Set Physics Gravity and Wind Set Min and Max size range Set falling rotation Add as new leaves symbols as you need Resize the component to specify where the leaves...

Author: ricosushi   Category: SWF Archives   License: shareware   Size: 8.0 KB

The Rich Payment Calculator from Rich Financial Tools is a Flash Tool for your website, that allows your customers to perform quick and easy Payment Calculations, finding out easily how much they will pay on a periodic basis for a particular loan or financing service. The Rich Payment Calculator is built on Flash Technology, providing an...

Author: Rich Financial Tools   Category: SWF Archives   License: demo   Size: 104 B

WebTemplateCity.com is a vast library with a collection of numerous graphics and Flash templates. They provide their members with lots of icons, photos, logos, 3d animations, mascots, buttons, banners, presentation templates, website templates, Flash intros etc, for using them on their Flash movies and presentations.

Author: WebTemplateCity   Category: SWF Archives   License: shareware

the easiest way to create dynamic online web poll and put it on your web site

Author: Vevs   Category: SWF Archives   License: shareware   Size: 10 B

Website owners and designers can make use of this application in building and fabricating their websites with smarty flash templates. There are several flash template systems listed under different categories and sub categories for the webmasters choice. This simple SWF flash archives are easy to integrate on any website and is easy to handle...

Author: Smosh   Category: SWF Archives   License: freeware

actionscripts.org offers a categorized Flash movie archive available for download. Categories included are Scripting movies, Special effects, Text effects, Video in Flash, and 3D effects

Author: movies @ actionscripts.org   Category: SWF Archives   License: freeware

Flashstar offers free flash files and flash actionscript examples for flash developers. This is a German site.

Author: Flashstar   Category: SWF Archives   License: freeware

A handfull of fla and swf component files like footage, flash components, animation, flash movie clips, clipart, swf files and powerpoint library - 3D flash fla are available for the visitors especially for webmasters working in flash. All these components are available as frame by frame 3D animation to help you to import to flash timeline and...

Author: FlashFast.com   Category: SWF Archives   License: freeware

Our flash photo gallery is a cool way to display your personal photos. / Just place images in a directory and our flash photo gallery will read the images and display them in the gallery. / Knowledge of Macromedia Flash is not required. English is the only language supported by the photo gallery. / Number of photos in the photo gallery /...

Author: Mehdi Ahmadi   Category: SWF Archives   License: shareware

This program allows the webmasters to get any number input from the visitors for further manipulation. This tool can provide as many boxes as the webmaster requires and can carryon mathematical functions as required by them. This will be of much use for sites much dependent on mathematical functions ie- online calculators, Tax calculators etc.

Author: Cantoo.net   Category: SWF Archives   License: freeware

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