Introduction to Flash
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SWF Quicker is the leading Flash SWF editor. It is the best flash animation editor to edit SWF files or create Flash animations from scratch. Sothink SWF Quicker fully supports Flash 8 and ActionScript 2.0; supports to apply plenty of built-in animated effects and Flash filter effects; provides the quick-start templates to make Flash Albums,...

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From this article you will come to know the basics and techniques of layers in flash animations. The author has demonstrated the procedures with examples from which you will learn to apply multiple layers for both shape and motion tweens. This is an useful article for the beginners of flash programming giving brief note on layers in flash MX 2004.

Author: Jayanthi Ganesh   Category: Introduction to Flash   License: freeware

This tutorial will teach you how to work on layers using Flash MX 2004. Also included is a combination of the motion tween and shape tween tutorial.

Author: Rachna Asirvathamaaaa   Category: Introduction to Flash   License: freeware

Flash provides simple tools which can be used for creating flash animation, hence, this tutorial guides the users with the basics of flash tools and their basic functionalities. This tutorial provides the description of each and every tool and its specific purpose. This tutorial can be used by people who want to know about the usage of each...

Author: Darren W. Hedlund   Category: Introduction to Flash   License: freeware

This article will explain what Macromedia Flash is, and how it can be used. It will also help you to do the first steps with Flash.

Author: Using Flash   Category: Introduction to Flash   License: freeware

Tweening provides a step by step guide that teaches you how to make things move in flash.

Author: Tweening   Category: Introduction to Flash   License: freeware

Actionscript is the key feature that makes the animations faster, smaller, and smoother. This tutorial teaches how to avoid the dreaded file bloating frame tween using the actionscripts and the author instructs the users about the techniques like morphing and tweening. This tutorial tells the users about the main drawbacks of tweening like...

Author: Scott Gilbertson   Category: Introduction to Flash   License: freeware

In this tutorial, the author describes about the macromedia's shockwave, that provides the high fidelity ratio available on the net instantly. He explains the technique being used in shockwave's streaming audio, which compresses the sound file based on psycho acoustic principles on which humans can hear. This tutorial can be used by musicians...

Author: Shvatz   Category: Introduction to Flash   License: freeware

Flash is very useful for presentations, but learning flash is usually hard, hence, this tutorial teaches the users how to present the text, animations without using flash in an efficient and better manner. The author tells the major drawbacks in flash and the steps to be carried out to overcome this without using flash. This tutorial can be used...

Author: Emily Baum   Category: Introduction to Flash   License: freeware

In this Tutorial you'll learn the basic concepts of Flash symbols, symbol types (graphics, buttons and movieclips), creating and using them. Learn: What is a Flash Symbol? Importance of using Flash Symbols; The Three Types of Symbols; Creating Graphic symbols in Flash; Creating a Simple Button in Flash; Creating Movieclip symbols in Flash.

Author: Anita Sudhakaraaaa   Category: Introduction to Flash   License: freeware

Some advice for beginner Flashers. Links and demo .fla files.

Author: Johnaaaa   Category: Introduction to Flash   License: freeware

Aimed at people very new to Flash, this article takes you through the creation of a simple animation. Once you've finished reading, you'll have a basic understanding of how the program works and how to use its principal functions. You'll also be able to test your movie and mount it on a Web page.

Author: Flash 4 For Beginners   Category: Introduction to Flash   License: freeware

Designed especially for new users, this tutorial will get you up to speed on everything you need to know to begin designing your very own Flash animations and movies. Before long, you'll be the toast of the town, and people will be throwing themselves at you in the hope that you will condescend to apply your Flash wizardry to their dull, boring...

Author: Flash 101 (part 1): The Hammer And The Chisel   Category: Introduction to Flash   License: freeware

Macromedia technology provides a variety of features such as customizable interfaces, sound quality etc., This tutorial guides the music directors, which format to use, how to create simple animations, what are the levels of interactivity provided by the macromedia technology to provide rich multimedia content in detail. This tutorial also...

Author: Shvatz   Category: Introduction to Flash   License: freeware

By tweening shapes, you can create an effect similar to morphing, making one shape appear to change into another shape over time. Flash can also tween the location, size, and color of shapes. Learn how to create a Flash shape tween in this simple tutorial.

Author: Rachna Asirvathamaaaa   Category: Introduction to Flash   License: freeware

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