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With multi-language capabilities. Tons of advanced features, editable 99,9% open source, and powerful money-making capabilities make iLister an ideal foundation for ANY classified project, simple or complex. Multi-language (w/ RTL support) based on a powerful CMS, easily customized front end, oriented to different countries (Country Packages...

Author: WorksForWeb   Category: Web Sites   License: demo   Size: 36.2 MB

It’s the perfect option that will help you in creation a personal website. It also can act as your CV for the potential customers. The template has a few pages: splash page with a modern slider at the header, blog page, photo gallery page and simply contact form with Google map.

Author: FlashComponents.net   Category: Web Sites   License: shareware

The solution could be extended with ease by adding new modules and extensions and could be used very successfully also for various kinds of e-commerce solutions, not only pharmacy stores and pharmacy e-commerce websites. Powerful user management comes also standard with the Pharmacy System. You could already define different user groups v2.0...

Author: NetArt Media   Category: Web Sites   License: shareware   Size: 7.6 MB

Web Architect is an extremely powerful application for creating modern and professional Websites, homepages and Web applications. It supports all relevant Web standards and technologies such as HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and many more. It fully supports Unicode which allows creating Web pages using all international languages and...

Author: Joachim Schwieren   Category: Web Sites   License: shareware   Size: 8.7 MB

Origramy is a XML-driven flash graph component specially designed for building, editing and displaying graphs and diagrams of various kinds. In two modes of the component webmasters and developers can fast and easily create, modify and present any graphs, presentations, workflow schemes, organisation structures, algorithms layouts, fluxograms,...

Author: Origramy   Category: Web Sites   License: demo   Size: 688.0 KB

Sitecraft 2008 is an easy-to-use constructor of web-sites. Use it to build a site with your own hands quickly and without any technical difficulties. You do not need to know web-programming, designer tools or web protocols. Even web registration will be done by Sitecraft almost automatically. It is a professional tool that allows...

Author: WEBaby Corporation   Category: Web Sites   License: demo   Size: 8.9 MB

An online editor to help you design your Web pages. Online external CSS and HTML editor will be particularly useful to people learning hand coding of Web pages. The editor generates a real external CSS file which you can modify along with the HTML source code and then view the HTML page. Very simple to use, it includes a number of examples to...

Author: John   Category: Web Sites   License: freeware   Size: 1000 B

webesurfing.com is committed to bring you the best offers on the internet. Some offers require you to fulfill certain membership requirements in order to get your gift. Please read the terms and conditions of every offer to ensure you understand any obligations. /

Author: jack weddle   Category: Web Sites   License: freeware

Excellent html tutorials and web design guides. Templates to help beginners writing their first basic homepage. Tips on how to use graphics on your website. Tutorials to teach you everyting you need to know to create and publish your first website. Online home page wizard, online search engine submission, web design resources directory.

Author: Gerben Hoekstra   Category: Web Sites   License: freeware

TinyStone Web Album will help you to create professional looking web galleries, based on graphics themes from all photos you took with your digital camera and share them with your family and friends over the Internet.

Author: Zhi Ma   Category: Web Sites   License: shareware

This program is for webmasters who want to / increase their productivity when creating TGP galleries and submitting to TGP / sites. Creates thumbnail galleries and the correct HTML / code.

Author: William Bradshaw   Category: Web Sites   License: shareware

Save your valuable time and money by choosing our Professional Dreamweaver Templates created using Macromedia Dreamweaver & Fireworks (+Macromedia Flash for Flash templates). Buy a smartly designed dreamweaver web template ideal for your (or your client's) business, personal, Christian or fun web site. Downloadable Free Templates also...

Author: Anita Sudhakar   Category: Web Sites   License: freeware

LinkFreeze is a fast and easy solution to optimize dynamic or database-driven website for search engines. It optimizes all dynamic links on your site removing all unwanted characters and making links look like static files.

Author: Helicon Tech   Category: Web Sites   License: shareware

The HTML Rich Text Area is a web browser tool that replaces textareas with a powerful WYSIWYG editor. It implements a user interface familiar to any Windows user enabling even the most novice computer user to quickly format text in a variety of sophisticated styles. Web sites can benefit from HTML Rich Text Area in many ways,- including message...

Author: Eve Sheridan   Category: Web Sites   License: shareware

My-Free-Web-Counter offers free hit counters to its visitors. / With 14 cool designs, you will find one that will best fit your website! / Web site owners can choose the starting number on their counter as well. / You will have the opportunity to personalize your hit counter as well. / My-Free-Web-Counters are very easy to install, and are...

Author: Svetla Varbanova   Category: Web Sites   License: freeware

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