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Users can utilize this website in which there are lots of applets which the users can use to build their websites. This site can be easily accessed and used by the programmers who like to create games, interesting java applets etc., for their websites.

Author: X-debug-X   Category: Web Sites   License: freeware

Software Objects provides the fastest and most efficient means of / identifying qualified professionals for project based needs or / long-term activities anywhere in the world, anytime. Find out why Software Objects pioneers the world market for software on all the major platforms: .NET, COM, J2EE, Java, CORBA, VCL and CLX. As a global...

Author: Pai Piski   Category: Web Sites   License: freeware

Real's JAVA JAVASCRIPT WSH and PowerBuilder How-to pages with useful code snippets.

Author: Real Gagnon   Category: Web Sites   License: freeware

Game and tool applets. Also provides information for those wanting to learn or run java.

Author: Bavo Bruylandtaaaa   Category: Web Sites   License: freeware

RealApplets offers resources to make websites more appealing.

Author: Bavo Bruylandt   Category: Web Sites   License: freeware

Menu applets and navigation scripts manages information on intranets and web sites. Supports 12 free applets and 40 commercial site navigation menus. It allows you to download fully-featured trials of the commercial versions before you buy. Also supports free version, which you can download apart from other goodies and tools. Supports FAQ,...

Author: Menu applets and navigation scripts   Category: Web Sites   License: freeware

Mandomartis is a website that offers java tutorials, applets, courses, and more.

Author: Anibal   Category: Web Sites   License: freeware

Java-Virtual-Machine.net is site that the developers can use to know all about Java Virtual Machines. Supports links to every item mentioned and also to relevant articles. It provides an overview of Microsoft Virtual Machines, articles on Sun Vs Microsoft VMs, tutorials, overviews, FAQs, specifications etc. The Java development kits and Java...

Author: Java-Virtual-Machine.net   Category: Web Sites   License: freeware

Java resources site with applets, servlets, beans, taglibs and more...

Author: BERTHOU R.   Category: Web Sites   License: freeware

Collection of Java Applets by Gokhan Dagli. Shareware java applets in various categories. Vertical and horizontal text scroll, image transitions, image animation effects and visual effects.

Author: Gokhan Dagliaaaa   Category: Web Sites   License: freeware

Offering a java applet source code, menus and more.

Author: Java Applet Source Code   Category: Web Sites   License: freeware

Java Repository. Links to applets, servlets, apis and information about java organized in more than 100 categories.

Author: Jaumeaaaa   Category: Web Sites   License: freeware

Java Repository. Links to applets, servlets, apis and information about java organized in more than 100 categories.

Author: Jaume   Category: Web Sites   License: freeware

ITtoolbox.com-java technologies enables the users to know about java and its special features. This site provides the news related to java, and conducts discussions based on java. It offers the site visitors the fundamentals of java, enterprise java technolgies, general and core java technologies, careers in java etc.,

Author: Information Technology Toolbox, Inc   Category: Web Sites   License: freeware

imint.com - The java menu specialists provides a wide range of java menus for navigation, java menu packages to the users. This site offers featured java navigation menus, which enables the users to know about searching of multiple functions, index scripting etc., It also provides java menus for databases and dynamic menus. Using this site,...

Author: Image Intelligence Software Ltd   Category: Web Sites   License: freeware

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