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The application hits with its high flexibility though controlled by compact and intuitive range of settings. Original template engine allows you to create your own UNIQUE layout and skin for all or each calendar on a web-page - just invent anything you've ever seen or even not. Calendar meets developers' expectation as well: a feature of...

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Xin Calendar Mods is multi-platform compatible. Xin Calendar Mods is a collection of the core scripts and their mod scripts. The core scripts are the revised and trimmed versions of the Xin Calendar scripts, they provide the basic calendar function (aka, pops up to pick a date and you can change the calendar style), additional calendar features,...

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A powerful calendar that allows you to scroll through the months. Displays monthly calendars in U.S. or Euro style, three months at a time. It even lets you define the holidays!

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PopCalendarXP is a great-looking JavaScript date picker that comes with many convenient features to facilitate date inputs on your webpage. In short words, it's simple outside while powerful inside and all well-documented that even people with little JavaScript experience can get it working in no time.

Author: Victor Weng   Category: Calendar Scripts   License: freeware

This free Javascript event calendar tool lets you put an attractive and dynamic event calendar on your web site. You can add hyperlinks to more detailed information and images to add visual appeal. Unlike most other web calendar tools, it requires no CGI or server-side scripting or database capabilities on the server and it still works with...

Author: Rick Pike   Category: Calendar Scripts   License: freeware

Day Predictor is a multi-platform compatible script that will find the day for a selected date. It will also validate the selected date.

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DateRange Calendar is a multi-platform compatible script that enables you easily add a Date or Date-range choice object to your Web-page or Form. This calendar is entirely written with JavaScript, and no server scripts are need. This program is based on Dynamic HTML (DHTML) behaviors with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Easy to use: insert only 3...

Author: Dmitry Kazankin   Category: Calendar Scripts   License: shareware

CodeThatCalendar PRO is the PROFESSIONAL version of the CodeThatCalendar script. PRO version has all the functionality offered by the Standard and also supports inline, iframe modes, opacity and other advanced features. CodeThatCalendar Standard/PRO enables you easily add the date/time picker to your form or page. Both popup and inline calendars...

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This unique calendar, constructed using a textarea, enables you to look up the calendar for any month of any year! Use the drop-down menu to select the desired month. Quite exceptional.

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