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XMB Forum is all of the above. . XMB forum software is free, open source and runs PHP scripts with a MySQL database backend. Easy to set up, easy to use. Powerful and highly customisable. XMB = eXtreme Message Board A great alternative to other forums like PHPBB, SMF, vBulletin, XenForo, Invision, MyBB, bbPress, Vanilla, Discuz.

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Notice Board is a free open source online notice board application, suitable for advertising services or items for sale or rent, for example, a room to rent, a car for sale, or a house for sale. Key Features: - Notice Board is free to download and use. - Open Source - Notice Board is written in PHP and MySQL, enabling it to be easily modified....

Author: John Dixon   Category: Bulletin Board Message Systems   License: freeware   Size: 76.2 KB

DantoBB is a powerful and open source free bulletin board software released under the GNU/GPL License. 1.0.0 was released in late March 2009 and now the system is in the mid 1.0.x status and growing. 1.5, which will have some new key features, will be released in the coming weeks. DantoBB is not as feature rich as other top BB systems....

Author: Danto Development   Category: Bulletin Board Message Systems   License: freeware   Size: 26.4 KB

XMB 1.9.11 is officially finished and released today. This is simply the best XMB forum software ever made. It has more features, more stability, more security, and more translation support than any previous version. What's New In 1.9.11 There is one new system requirement to install XMB 1.9.11: Servers must have MySQL version 4.1.7 or later....

Author: The XMB Group   Category: Bulletin Board Message Systems   License: freeware   Size: 1.3 MB

XMBForum - home of eXtreme Message Board and it's community. XMB is a lightweight forum software with all the features you need to support a growing community. With outstanding community support and contribution, you will find XMB to be easy to setup, customize, and enhance. Features: Though XMB is lightweight out of the box, it offers the key...

Author: The XMB Group   Category: Bulletin Board Message Systems   License: freeware   Size: 1.4 MB

A simple forum based on text-files. The structure of the board is automatically generated by the structure of the textfiles in the message-directory. It's

Author: download.zehnet.de   Category: Bulletin Board Message Systems   License: freeware

An easy to install forum that includes threaded and linear views, personalization, moderated forums, and styled skins.

Author: zorum.com   Category: Bulletin Board Message Systems   License: shareware

Allows for unlimited categories and boards while offering easy customization, board moderators, integrated search, private boards, word filter, member e-mail verification and registration, message preview, and a complete web-based admin that lets you manage all aspects of the X-Forums.

Author: x-forum.sourceforge.net   Category: Bulletin Board Message Systems   License: freeware

A fully customizable forum with advanced admin options. It features toplists, template conditionals syntax, unlimited custom fields, aliasing of threads, automatic resizing of avatars, friendly URLs with mod_rewrite, a sponsorship system, member guestbooks, instant messaging and more.

Author: wsnforum.com   Category: Bulletin Board Message Systems   License: shareware

This script features auto install/upgrade, a WYSIWYG editor with integrated spell-checker, auto time zone detection, smart caching, a visual CSS editor with real-time preview, and native file format support for phpBB, Invision Board, UBB Threads and vBulletin.

Author: wowbb.com   Category: Bulletin Board Message Systems   License: shareware

Allows you to run several WWWBoard-style forums on your web site. Messages are stored in 3 tables and are searchable. Name and e-mail is stored for user via

Author: bndlg.de   Category: Bulletin Board Message Systems   License: freeware

Forum software that allows you to easily change the design and layout of your forum.

Author: woltlab.info   Category: Bulletin Board Message Systems   License: shareware

A powerful database-driven communications system which allows you and your visitors to store and display messages, files, and other information on your web site. Features include: multiple forums, multi-language support, fully customizable templates, web-based administration, file upload, integrated search and more...

Author: w-agora.net   Category: Bulletin Board Message Systems   License: freeware

A complete forum package for your web site that features multiple board capability, extensive template usage for customization, integrated search, user groups, private forums, powerful web-based administrative capabilities and much more.

Author: vbulletin.com   Category: Bulletin Board Message Systems   License: shareware

An easy-to-set up and use bulletin board system with several user and admin possibilities. It is designed for small to medium sized web sites that don't need as many features as found in other forum packages.

Author: usebb.net   Category: Bulletin Board Message Systems   License: freeware

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