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PHP Forum Script is an easy to install, flexible and highly compatible online forum software which will add a discussion board on your website allowing users to share their posts, thoughts and opinion on various topics. If registration is set as required, users can easily create an account by filling in their names, contact details and adding...

Author: Stivasoft ltd   Category: Discussion Software   License: commercial   Size: 2.9 MB

vuBB is a user-friendly and fully customizable forum software where not only administrators fix the bugs and add new features, but the users can too.Features: - Language System, easily change the forums language with the use of language packs. - Administration Control Panel, control every aspect of your forum. - Moderation Options, assign...

Author: Vubb   Category: Discussion Software   License: freeware

WWWBoard is a threaded World Wide Web discussion forum and message board, which allows users to post new messages, followup to existing ones and more.Features: - HTML does not mess up postings like the last version did. - There are many more options to allow flexibility in design. - One CGI program instead of three. Makes everything smoother...

Author: scriptarchive.com   Category: Discussion Software   License: freeware

Arab-bb is an opensource Bulletin Board . It is written with PHP and use MySQL as default backend database. It has greate Templates Engine. Language: PHP

Author: Abb   Category: Discussion Software   License: freeware

GameTopics is a forum that is 100% free. GameTopics is fast, looks nice, has lots of _good_ features. GameTopics has its own template, style and session engine. You will need PHP 4 and MySQL 3.23 to run GameTopics. Language: PHP

Author: Gametopics   Category: Discussion Software   License: freeware

pHboard is a full-featured message board in PHP on mySQL. You can easily customize it to fit your own needs, because it is easy to implement in any website. Language: PHP

Author: Phboard   Category: Discussion Software   License: freeware

A forum system. I develop it by use PHP adodb smarty apache MySQL Language: PHP

Author: ltebbs.googlecode.com   Category: Discussion Software   License: freeware

OvBB is a light-weight and fast discussion board system that mimics vBulletin 2.x.x in both look and behavior while incorporating new features and functionality. Every byte of the system is 100% legal, using no Jelsoft code and making no copyright infringements. Everything, from the PHP to the HTML/CSS, was written completely from scratch....

Author: Ovbb   Category: Discussion Software   License: freeware

PBLang is an international BBS-software based on PHP. It does not require any database but it based on a flatfile system. It provides you many professional features. Language: PHP

Author: Pblang   Category: Discussion Software   License: freeware

PunBBArchiver is a set of PHP and Python scripts. When it's finished, it will be able to provide PunBB forum users with a plain text archive of a forum. A reason for forum administrators to use this, might be that their users don't have to be afraid to loose their contributions. Language: PHP

Author: punbbarchiver.googlecode.com   Category: Discussion Software   License: freeware

ezConvert is a PHP based converter script for migrating from ezBoard to phpBB. Language: PHP

Author: Ezboard-conv   Category: Discussion Software   License: freeware

NuclearBB is a state-of-the-art forum system offering a fresh view in the messaging field. With its modern interface, NuclearBB is a simple yet sophisticated software suited to all websites regardless of their genre. With its efficient engine and design, NuclearBB incorporates many superior features into its highly customisable style and...

Author: NuclearBB   Category: Discussion Software   License: freeware

CALBBS is an open source bulletin board system written for The Center for Advanced Learning to help improve communication throughout the center. The main goal of the project is learning. It is a non-OOP project with possible OOP flexibility. Language: PHP

Author: Calbbs   Category: Discussion Software   License: freeware

PHP Prayer Board is software that collects, organizes, and displays requests for prayer. It is basically a bulletin board with a specific purpose: prayer requests. Users access it through their web browsers. An administrator sets is up on a web server, typically an intranet (or LAN) web server. PHP Prayer Board is good for internal use in...

Author: Phpprayerboard   Category: Discussion Software   License: freeware

Meltdown BBS is a free, web-based Bulletin Board System written entirely in PHP, which allows message and file exchange, and is compatible with Fidonet-technology networks. Meltdown BBS utilizes a MySQL backend for its database needs. It is easy to setup, and is customizable with multiple HTML template sets and languages. It comes with Meltdown...

Author: Meltdown-bbs   Category: Discussion Software   License: freeware

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