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There's just one file to upload, and the script will list all files with extensions you specify and make them available for download. If you add, remove or rename files the listing will automatically update. If the directory contains a file named 'readme.txt', the script will show this file's contents above the download links (i.e. here)

Author: phpsqlitesite   Category: Download Systems   License: freeware   Size: 4.1 KB

Armangil's podcatcher is a podcast client for the command line. It provides several download strategies, offers cache management, supports BitTorrent, and generates playlists for media player applications. Language: Ruby

Author:   Category: Download Systems   License: freeware

TDS is a PHP/MySQL solution for providing Document and/or Data downloads in a categorized way. It has comprehensive methods for user-management (viewing and adding files or categories, deleting them and user management rights are treated separately). Language: PHP

Author: Tds   Category: Download Systems   License: freeware

Protect your downloadable content by storing the files outside your webroot. This is an easy solution to online subscription content protetcion.

Author:   Category: Download Systems   License: freeware

Quick Download v1 (QDL v1) is a hassle free, flatfile, php script to aid quick, secure delivery of digital downloads to your customers. Your customer does not have to sign up or register to a secure area! No forms to fill! Just click & go!! When your customer has purchased a product, you as admin create a unique download link through the...

Author: Syndikut Scriptz   Category: Download Systems   License: shareware   Size: 1000 B

ZipSend v.5.2 is almost exactly like the popular services called YouSendit, RapidShare, etc. How it works: For the administrator you can limit the file sizes, file types, amount of times a file can be sent, put a time limit on the file and set the script to auto delete should any rules be broken.For the visitor: He/she can send the file to...

Author:   Category: Download Systems   License: shareware

snif is a script based on php to manage downloads and maintain your downloads without creating and changing HTML files. Features like automatic thumbnails for image files, ready to run, listings sortable by name, size or date, improved HTTP cacheability of icons, different index files in subdirectories are now possible, added directory...

Author: Kai Blankenhorn   Category: Download Systems   License: freeware

SMe FileMailer lets you require visitors to submit their name and email address in order to retrieve a file from your site. Upon submitting the information, the file is sent to the visitor via email.

Author: scriptme   Category: Download Systems   License: shareware

Premium download manager featuring unlimited categories and sub categories, unlimited user groups, Invision and VBulletin integration, file type control, file upload, moderators, custom download fields, PHP4 and PHP5 support, screenshots, restrict user download limits and lots more.

Author: RW::Scripts   Category: Download Systems   License: shareware

RW is a program that manages downloads and features a much improved feature set over its free counterpart. Features like easy web based install and upgrade, template and skinning system, categories, web based uploading. Facilitates to edit and delete comments and downloads without logging in to ACP. More features like file type icons,...

Author: planetblaze   Category: Download Systems   License: shareware

PHP NoLeech is a software based on php that provides security to web-based downloads without exposing paths. It has an ability for extensive logging. Also tracks emails based on feedback. Helps in tightening the security. Simple and easy to install.

Author: aubin   Category: Download Systems   License: freeware

MyDIR is a software written using php that permits users to download files and it is just a directory for browsing scripts, to view several information about files. Free download option is available in the script homepage. It can be integrated into any websites. It is enhanced with more facilities.

Author: Dadan Ramdan   Category: Download Systems   License: freeware

Linklok is a script based on php that provides an easy way to setup service for receiving payments for your digital products. Features like displays thank you page containing secure download links or form, will create download links only if called from Clickbank, download files can be stored outside of the server root, highest level of...

Author: vibralogix   Category: Download Systems   License: shareware

This small Tool is a kind of mini document management system. Documents, diagrams and much more besides can be assigned over an browser-based admin area to free-definable groups. Thus data can be provided to users in order to download in a secured area, which otherwise have to be sent via email or CD. There are many ways to use this tool:...

Author: IBPS Friedrichs   Category: Download Systems   License: shareware

This software based on php lets user to have a control over the file transfers on your homepage. This script can be integrated with any websites. Installation can be done easily here. Free download and demo option is available in this script. It is simple and easy to use.

Author: Reyrey   Category: Download Systems   License: freeware

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