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Video4Linux radio wrapper is a simple Ruby library wrapper around the Video4Linux radio API, providing methods to open a radio device and set its frequency and volume level. Language: Ruby

Author:   Category: Multimedia   License: freeware

phpPodCaster is a web-based, database-driven application written in PHP/MySQL to keep up with the information in a podcast, and to automatically generate the RSS 2.0 podcast description. The script is very easy to install, use and customize. It is also lightweight too. Language: PHP

Author: Phppodcaster   Category: Multimedia   License: freeware

As it is, it serves no real purpose except for displaying multiple bouncing balls.You can download the source code, modify it and include it in your own project.Usage - Insert this into your HTML page:   Language: Java

Author:   Category: Multimedia   License: freeware

IFORead script can read the VM commands from DVD IFO files and button commands from vob files.It contains various example programs, designed as a resuable library and integrates with dvdauthor's xml format. Language: Ruby

Author:   Category: Multimedia   License: freeware

PlayMyMP3 is a PHP Server application allowing a single machine with a good sound card to play MP3 files, at the request of client machines. Language: PHP

Author: Playmymp3   Category: Multimedia   License: freeware

jlGui player Applet is the applet version of jlGui, Music Player for the Java™ platform, free, open source project.To play any MP3 or OGG Vorbis file/stream, you need a browser JavaSound 1.0 compliant : Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Opera ... with Java™ Plugin 1.3 or higher.PARAMETERS : Basic parameters : - skin : Filename of...

Author:   Category: Multimedia   License: freeware

FM ruby provides library management for audio files and an interface to the MPlayer media application. Language: Ruby

Author:   Category: Multimedia   License: freeware

BeepToys is a miscellaneous collection of sound development tools. Language: Ruby

Author:   Category: Multimedia   License: freeware

Ruby/GD2 is a Ruby binding for Thomas Boutell's gd 2.x graphics library. Language: Ruby

Author:   Category: Multimedia   License: freeware

The Last.FM Online Player allows you to listen to any Last.FM radio station without the need to install, or even download, any software.There is also a class available in Online Last.FM Player to easily get data from any profile on Last.FM.

Author: Anonymous   Category: Multimedia   License: freeware   Size: 61.4 KB

StreamOnTheFly is a networked archiving and exchange system. It can be used for digital audio data, such as radio programmes and podcasts, but also for audio arts and any other meaningful data you can imagine.It uses standardized metadata schemes and offers extensions for RSS or podcasting. In Oct 05, we've moved to...

Author: Anonymous   Category: Multimedia   License: freeware   Size: 327.7 KB

webMusic is a php/mySQL module based on XOOPS . It allows musicians to collaborate over the internet. They can create projects, share sound files, communicate and publish their results on a website.

Author: birdseedmusic   Category: Multimedia   License: freeware   Size: 450.6 KB

Zina is a graphical interface to your MP3 collection, a personal jukebox, an MP3 streamer. It can run on its own, embeded into an existing website, or as a Postnuke/PHPNuke/Xoops/Mambo/Drupal/e107 module. Features: - MP3 / OGG / WAV / WMA / Real Audio streaming - Custom and "Session" Playlists - RSS/Podcasts (as of v0.12.03) -...

Author: Zina   Category: Multimedia   License: freeware

VideoDB is a database to manage your personal video collection. Itd-deOaos mainly designed for videofiles but you can also put your DVDs and VHS tapes in it.It uses PHP and MySQL and features fetching Movie data from the Internet Movie Database (IMDb).

Author: Andreas Gohr   Category: Multimedia   License: freeware   Size: 624.6 KB

phpSC is a PHP based shoutcast control panel supporting HTTP Proxy, Multiple server configurations, and easy GUI modification of the shoutcast configuration file.

Author: Miles Smith   Category: Multimedia   License: freeware   Size: 450.6 KB

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