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sux0r - Bayesian RSS is a multi-user RSS aggregator with multi-category Bayesian filtering capabilities. Filtering is the process of using Bayesian statistical methods to classify documents into categories. Right now it's used a lot for spam filtering, but in this script is that after classifying enough news items...

Author: Sux0r   Category: Networking Tools   License: freeware

Curb provides ruby language bindings to the libcurl(3) URL transfer library. Language: Ruby

Author:   Category: Networking Tools   License: freeware

LNMS is a GPL licensed management system for local networks. It runs on a gateway system between Internet and Local net and provide a full functionality of controlling local users. LNMS is divided in to separate modules to provide functionality on the bases of requirements. Each module performs separate task and can be load and unload at...

Author: Lnms   Category: Networking Tools   License: freeware

The SpeedTouch web interface gives limited access to the features of the modem. TweakTouch is a PHP based web interface that gives access to the telnet based CLI (command line interface).Pages and forms in TweakTouch are dynamically generated from the help pages in CLI, so should work with various SpeedTouch models. Language: PHP

Author:   Category: Networking Tools   License: freeware

chpassldapweb is a software developed in PHP AJAX, for change password in directory LDAP. The interface is WEB is simple and very functional. It has protection against deny of service in directory LDAP. Language: PHP

Author: Chpassldapweb   Category: Networking Tools   License: freeware

Fade Router Adminstrator is a php-script to log and control a router, using the isdnctrl-package and MySQL. This means that it must be a router running on unix, but besides that, it's very portable to other operating systems. Language: PHP

Author: Faroa   Category: Networking Tools   License: freeware

DealGates Instant Deals feeder will allow you to generate a feed of Instant Deals from your store to DealGates Auctions USA or UK. Language: PHP

Author:   Category: Networking Tools   License: freeware

Node Runner is a PHP network monitor which is designed to contact network nodes in a specific order based on the hierarchy of your network. If a node does not respond, each of its parents are systematically checked until the true problem is identified. Language: PHP

Author: Node-runner   Category: Networking Tools   License: freeware

PasteBox is a basic pastebin. It is written in PHP, works with PHP 5. It provides RSS feeds of latest entries, syntax highlighting using GeSHi and clean URLs. It uses PDP-PDO for database flexibility. Runs without setup on many machines (must have PHP 5, sqlite3 (for default setup), .htaccess enabled). Language: PHP

Author: Pastebox   Category: Networking Tools   License: freeware

PHP packet2sql is a spawn of xant's packet2sql program. This program provides a PHP frontend to packet2sql and also enables packet2sql to work with both iptables and ipchains network filters (instead of just ipchains). Language: PHP

Author: Php-packet2sql   Category: Networking Tools   License: freeware

This php script can either be used as a stand alone app or can be integrated with common cms applications like phpnuke. It is a complete application that allows the monitoring of open source ftp server mirror. It is mainly intended for website administrators. Language: PHP

Author: Php-ftpmonitor   Category: Networking Tools   License: freeware

HTTPTunnel is a tunneling software that can tunnel network connections through restrictive HTTP proxies over pure HTTP "GET" and "POST" requests.HTTPTunnel consists of two components: 1. The client that resides behind the firewall and accepts network connections on ports that will either be mapped to a specific remote target...

Author: Http-tunnel   Category: Networking Tools   License: freeware

MyDNS-PFE is a PHP front-end for managing the database behind the MyDNS domain name server.Noteworthy features - Automatic zone serial update on information change - Automatic reverse zone generation Language: PHP

Author:   Category: Networking Tools   License: freeware

This script is an extension for the Button class of Tkinter. This class creates a tip-window when the mouse is entering a button widget.For the behaviour of this widget is considered that the tip will be visible again when the widget will be moved to the bottom/right border of the screen. Language: Python

Author:   Category: Networking Tools   License: freeware

You all know those little net tools like finger, traceroute etc. They have many similarities in functionality and would benefit from having a common interface. Language: PHP

Author: Phpnettoolpack   Category: Networking Tools   License: freeware

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