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This is a simple script ,that counts how many visitors are online,you can easily add it to any page on your website, it's written in PHP and uses a txt file to store data,so you don't have to set up any database to have it working. Features: - Easy installation - Keeps track of visitors online - You can add it to any single page -...

Author: joe pieruccini   Category: Online Users   License: freeware   Size: 97.7 KB

This script displays how many visitors are viewing your website. It is completely flatfile based so no SQL required. When this script displays visitors online, you and your visitors can click the amount and be shown all the visitors online by their country with flags.

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This script displays the total number of online visitors, visitors to the page that day, visitors since the website began, and hits since the website began. It also has counter offset and an easy auto-install. It features file database support, automatic databas trimming and an easy-to-edit display.

Author:   Category: Online Users   License: freeware

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