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Choose between eight different skins to make your poll blend perfectly into your website design. With the PHP poll script you can create multiple choice polling questions either with single or multiple answers allowed, schedule online polls by creating start and stop dates and translate the script using an easy language editor in the script...

Author: StivaSoft / PHPjabbers.com   Category: Polls and Voting   License: demo   Size: 127.0 KB

Poll4All is a free PHP poll management system easy to install and customize. This free php script lets you create, edit and test your polls (up to 7 answers each) through an easy to use web interface. You may insert your poll into any page you want simply including two PHP files.Poll4All shows the results as colored graphical...

Author: Code4Fun.org   Category: Polls and Voting   License: freeware

PHPElection is a PHP voting web application.It was used in a student senate election. It uses a mysql database to store candidates, positions, voters, write in candidates. It also uses PHP sessions and cookies and keeps track of voters so that each voter gets one vote. Language: PHP

Author: Phpelection   Category: Polls and Voting   License: freeware

Actionpoll is a simple PHP Voting script which provides the standard functionality such as unlimited options, IP tracking of users, easy installation. Surveys can be stored either in a MySQL database or in text files. Language: PHP

Author: Actionpoll   Category: Polls and Voting   License: freeware

Features - Selectively track certain users - Selectively track certain roles - Selectively track certain pages - Monitor what files are downloaded from your pages - Cache the Piwik code on your local server for improved page loading times - Direct access to statistics in reports sectionInstallation - Unpack in your modules folder (usually...

Author: ftp.drupal.org   Category: Polls and Voting   License: freeware

DC Comprehensive Subscriber Survey (DCCSS) is a web-based system for a comprehensive survey of water utility customers. It is a cross-platform application written in PHP that uses a GIS component based on mapserver to visualize the delivery points.. Language: PHP

Author: Dccss   Category: Polls and Voting   License: freeware

OwenPoll is a free easy-to-use poll management system, written using PHP. OwenPoll allows you to easily create polls for your web site, and to customise various features of each poll. Features:Poll Administration - Create polls at any time - Run multiple polls at the same time - Unlimited response options (possible answers) for each...

Author: owentechkenya.com   Category: Polls and Voting   License: freeware

HIOX Rating System Script is a Voting /Rating script that can be added in any web page with php support.Features:a)FREE Rating System that can be added in to any web pageb)So many number of pages can point to the single rating filec)Script displays the ratings or voting done in percentage basis and users can rate the page from 1 to 5d)No...

Author: hscripts.com   Category: Polls and Voting   License: freeware

Any node-type can be assigned as the bio or Bio module can provide its own node type. The bio can display on the users' profile pages and/or it can add "View [username]'s [Bio]" links to nodes.Installation - Unpack in your modules folder (usually /sites/all/modules/) and enable under Administer > Site Building > Modules....

Author: ftp.drupal.org   Category: Polls and Voting   License: freeware

This PHP class provides lookup lists of country and state abbreviations and support functions.It's pretty simple, containing arrays of state and country names, with the standard two-letter abbreviations used for the keys, and just a few methods for looking up a state or country, and for building the HTML <option> lists for use in a...

Author: chuggnutt.com   Category: Polls and Voting   License: freeware

InstallJammer is a multiplatform GUI installer designed to be completely cross-platform and function on Windows and most all versions of UNIX with support for MacOS X coming soon.Features:- Rapid Development - InstallJammer includes a very powerful install builder for building your installs that lets you take control of everything in your...

Author: Installjammer   Category: Polls and Voting   License: freeware

phPollster is a PHP/MySQL application for conducting basic polling on a website. It features an&nbsp;object oriented&nbsp;coding style with database layer, preambles,&nbsp;user interface&nbsp;wrapping, multi-language support, thumbnails and images, data archiving, and administration backend. Language: PHP

Author: Phpollster   Category: Polls and Voting   License: freeware

Polliz is a PHP script to manage online opinion polls. It's composed by only one file. It needs a MySQL database to store polls' data and votes. Polliz has its own administration users management, to give a different access to admins of large web sites. Language: PHP

Author: Polliz   Category: Polls and Voting   License: freeware

AJPoll is a database driven ASP poll script. Features: - All action is done in a popup window, so there are no annoying page refreshes. - The results page can be resorted with a simple click. - Uses CSS Styles for ease of customization. - This script uses SQL to avoid many issues with ADO write and update permissions often encountered with...

Author: adamjarret.com   Category: Polls and Voting   License: freeware

SURVEY is Educara's research-grade, web-based data acquisition tool written in PHP. SURVEY makes it easy for anybody to build and manage web based data collection. SURVEY is useful for both commercial and academic researchers. Language: PHP

Author: Educarasurvey   Category: Polls and Voting   License: freeware

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