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Event Portal is an advanced and responsive php web software allowing to create easily event listing and ticket selling websites. It has multiple features for the advertisers to publish their events, accept registrations, create questionnaires, sell tickets, create seat maps, post banners and others and for the users to search and browse the...

Author: NetArt Media   Category: Portal Software   License: commercial   Size: 4.0 MB

Portalphp is a lightweight and modular web portal written in php. Language: PHP

Author: Portalphp   Category: Portal Software   License: freeware

G24U Portal is a PHP script I'm writing for my free software filesharing site, G24U. This portal will be using the TinyButStrong template engine for themes rendering (see featured wiki article ThemeReorganisation). It currently requires a forum (only UseBB is supported at the moment) but might offer a own user system if it becomes popular....

Author: g24uportal.googlecode.com   Category: Portal Software   License: freeware

Enigma is an easy to use portal package for your website. The portal includes forums, news, articles, links, a guestbook and FAQs which can be integrated with popular chat and photo gallery scripts. It requires PHP 4.2 and MySQL. Language: PHP

Author: Lunabyte   Category: Portal Software   License: freeware

VWSphp is a weather portal for users of the Virtual Weather Station by AmbientWeather. It gives owners of the VWS software the ability to build a weather website, using PHP, that allows users to view and query current and historical weather data. Language: PHP

Author: Vwsphp   Category: Portal Software   License: freeware

Mister is a Web Portal Of Flexibility. It has been written in PHP/MySql. Its pages are so flexible that you can change every pages style with few commands.Also it is bug free and it is written for cross browser use. Language: PHP

Author: Mister   Category: Portal Software   License: freeware

UniversiBO is an OpenSource web portal to build a student community at university of Bologna, gathering didactic informations and build virtual class-rooms. Built on a PHP Object Oriented architecture. Language: PHP

Author: Universibo   Category: Portal Software   License: freeware

The Keystone Digital Library Suite is a family of Open Source digital content management, portal management and information discovery software packaged together to provide libraries, museums and archives with state-of-the-art digital library services. The Keystone Digital Library Suite has two Major Components: Keystone Organizer and Keystone...

Author: ftp.indexdata.dk   Category: Portal Software   License: freeware

Gamer's PHP portal is a PHP-based game portal. It has also bonus materials, and it's also prepared for forum engines (optimised for phpBB). The part of this project is also a (well-documented) collection of algorithms useful for users without PHP-knowledge. Language: PHP

Author: Gameportal   Category: Portal Software   License: freeware

Portal API is a framework written in PHP to develop internet/intranet portals. It features a core and a modules system. Core features include ACL management with groups/users permissions, forum integration, basic news / topics / articles management. Language: PHP

Author: Portalapi   Category: Portal Software   License: freeware

GDreamWeb is a dynamic php web portal. It looks the way phpnuke does, but differs on the architecture layer, as it is class oriented (highly maintenable, easy to customize). It provides the basic functionalities of any portal. Language: PHP

Author: Gdreamweb   Category: Portal Software   License: freeware

Century is an easy to use portal package for your website. The portal includes forums, news, articles, links and FAQs which can be integrated with popular chat and photo gallery scripts. Requires PHP 4.2 and MySQL. Language: PHP

Author: Century   Category: Portal Software   License: freeware

Dolphin is a smart community builder.  It is the universal web community script written in PHP and MySQL. General Features - Blog (photo upload, user can create different categories, permissions, comments) - The ability to sort member menu and groups on member menu - The ability to approve "x" number of profiles...

Author: Boonex-dolphin   Category: Portal Software   License: freeware

Fullxml is a full-featured and full-customizable web portal, but based on XML,XSL and ASP technology.FullXML-PHP is based on PHP and use Fullxml as example. Language: PHP

Author: Fullxml-php   Category: Portal Software   License: freeware

Features: Installation Support (FREE). Email Support (3 Years). FREE Updates (3 Years). 100% Secured. Book domestic flights. Book international flights. Book domestic hotels. Book international hotels. Search by country/city Vacation package listing. Different price range for different luxury level....

Author: iTechScripts   Category: Portal Software   License: shareware   Size: 3.8 MB

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