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Ferret is a high-performance, full-featured text search engine library written entirely in pure Ruby (with an optional C extension). It is a full port of the Java Lucene Project. Language: Ruby

Author:   Category: Searching   License: freeware

The acts_as_solr plugin allows you to interact Rails with the Solr search engine. Language: Ruby

Author:   Category: Searching   License: freeware

This radius search tool is based on Yahoo! Maps Flash API and provides a map UI with the capability to connect to a web service, submit a center Latitude/Longitude point and a radius, and plot the returned data on the map. Language: Flash

Author: Radius-search   Category: Searching   License: freeware

Z-ODP is an ASP script that parses the Open Directory Project's website ( and lists their content on your website. What that basically means is all categories and links found on ODP can be shown on your site. Language: ASP.NET

Author:   Category: Searching   License: freeware

ZipCodeSearch is a Rails plugin that provides a simple framework for doing area searches in Rails applications. It includes approximately 45,000 zip codes and a fully functional example controller to get you started! Language: Ruby

Author:   Category: Searching   License: freeware

Plone SEO (qSEOptimizer) is a product designed by Quintagroup to enhance search engine visibility of Plone sites. qSEOptimizer allows per document editing of META tags and Title tag.FeaturesAllows per document editing of: - HTML Title tag - META description tag - META keywords tag - HTML comment into page header - META robots tag - META...

Author: Quintagroup   Category: Searching   License: freeware

Tipue JS is an Open Source JavaScript site search engine. It works with any browser that supports JavaScript and at least partially supports the W3C DOM. The Tipue JS search engine is small at less than 19 Kb, platform independent and doesn't need any other technologies on your host, as Tipue JS is written entirely in JavaScript. Language:...

Author:   Category: Searching   License: freeware

This is a fully-functioning database developed specifically to support ICT Year 5 Unit 5B: Analysing data and asking questions: using complex searches. It contains 3 databases for performing searches related to planets, materials properties and birds. It supports Boolean operators and has a built-in graphing function that allows students to...

Author: Quick Curriculum   Category: Searching   License: shareware   Size: 12.7 KB

Add related theme content to Web pages dynamically, create search directories or branded directories, provide search capabilities to visitors. Search for n words excluding especific phrases returning x sites from page y with link and no link nofollow options.

Author: Sergio Vargas-Sanabriaaaaa   Category: Searching   License: freeware

Online tool searches and generates neighborhood keyword, relevant keyword, and related keyword search times.

Author: puputer@gmail.comaaaa   Category: Searching   License: shareware

TSEP is a free php search engine for a website / You can put a "Search this site" anywhere on your website and let people quickly find what they are looking for. / - See our website for screenshots / - It supports (MySQL-) boolean search terms if you have a MySQL version of 4 or higher. / - TSEP is designed to be very easy to install...

Author: olaf_noehring   Category: Searching   License: freeware

Features fast search with cache and an advanced AJAX search box with results as you type. The search box can be customized to the look of your site. The search engine can index standard html sites and dynamic site by following links on your Web site. Easy configuration and integration with any existing site.

Author: Cory Rauchaaaa   Category: Searching   License: shareware

A feature-enrich Pay per Click Search Engine for your Web site. Members can signup to add their site to your search engine. You earn money for each visitor they get through this script. For each Web site that member adds, he can specify multiple relevant keywords with different bids. Sites are also arranged in a multilevel hierarchy. Members can...

Author: Savvyaaaa   Category: Searching   License: shareware

SearchPilot Pro is an instant search engine script that parses results from two of the most popular pay-per-click search engines - SearchFeed and RevenuePilot. These results are then shown in your Web site, with your affiliate ID embedded so that you will earn money for each and every click made from your Web site. SearchFeed pays you upto 50%...

Author: Anand P Iyeraaaa   Category: Searching   License: shareware

With this script you can be up and running your own pay per click search engine in just a few minutes. SearchFeed Search Engine is one of best ways to make use of SearchFeeds pay per click search engine affiliate program. SearchFeed Search Engine only takes a minute to configure, just enter your SearchFeed affiliate ID, site title, upload your...

Author: Justin Congdonaaaa   Category: Searching   License: freeware

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