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A free php script that allow you to create a simple top site. The sites are listed by votes order. Users can vote for a website one time per hour.To add a website, the user have to fill a form with the informations of his website. The Admin can accept and reject websites. This script requires MySQL and PHP to work.Features:- Easy Administration...

Author: Ybouane   Category: Top Sites Systems   License: freeware   Size: 163.8 KB

SItema de Votaciones para top-sites.

Author: Anonymous   Category: Top Sites Systems   License: freeware   Size: 532.5 KB

Chipmunk Topsites is a flexible topsite system utilizing PHP4/mysql. You can customize color, turned on options such as admin validation, whether to show buttons or not, time between resets, and much more. It has a gateway page and uses other method to prevent cheating. It also features user reviews and ratings

Author: Chipmunk   Category: Top Sites Systems   License: freeware   Size: 41.0 KB

A feature-packed, free php topsite script. Features included Up to the second ranking statistics, Easy setup - will have your topsite list running within minutes. Automatic instant addition of new members + Much More!

Author: VoxScripts   Category: Top Sites Systems   License: shareware   Size: 112.6 KB

ADTOPSCRIPT is php script of top site list without mysql. Features: without reset - stats for last 7 days, sites "in" & "out" stats, "in" after "out", templates, blacklists, rules, rerank every hour, manual list rerank, anti-cheat functions.

Author: ad   Category: Top Sites Systems   License: freeware   Size: 90 B

Xtreme Topsites 1.0 is a multi-platform compatible popular download manager PHP script for websites. Superior Anti Leech.

Author:   Category: Top Sites Systems   License: freeware

Xtreme Topsites is a simple topsite rate listing system based on php. With the help of Xtreme topsites, users can rate a system for websites. This system requires Mysql database as backend to store all data. Members can retrieve their ID if they have forget it. When members join the topsite it will send an email to the webmaster. The topsite...

Author: Xtreme Scripts   Category: Top Sites Systems   License: freeware

TradePro is a trading system which helps to market any website. Complete analysis of reference can be obtained by the webmaster for referral analysis. Complete origin of the visitors with geographical co-ordinates can be obtained. This script uses a new technology 'completely directed POO' (Directed Programming Purpose). All these features come...

Author: Open Code   Category: Top Sites Systems   License: freeware

TopSites Clone Script Run your own Topsites website within minutes! Thisscript is packed full of features to get and keep traffic coming back time andtime again guaranteed!

Author:   Category: Top Sites Systems   License: shareware

Toplisthosting - Allows You To Host Topl is a multi-platform compatible script you can provide other Webmasters a free Toplist! You can place ads or PopUps on the lists which are hosted through you. You can also deactivate the ads on different lists. ( for example payd lists ) The Scripts offers a very big variety of settings aswell as the...

Author:   Category: Top Sites Systems   License: shareware Get Your Own Toplist4fr is a multi-platform compatible Minitoplist or a Toplist in few minutes without programming knowledge. Offers high-professional software with features presently only in Germany found, to you. We will host your Toplist on our own high speed server that was especially bought only for this project ....

Author:   Category: Top Sites Systems   License: freeware

The topsite website allows visitors to search for the top rated websites participating in the topsite program. / Websites can list their sites for free and in return they will receive code for their website. After a website has registered, he/she is able to select the category that best describes their website, add a description and copy and...

Author: Peter Ferrigan   Category: Top Sites Systems   License: shareware

Top 100 Website is a topsite program written in PHP and uses MySQL database. This program is designed with several advanced features. This program rates a website based on the total hits recieved and over all performances. Being built with counter skins you will also come to know about the real position of your website in the toplists, your web...

Author: Make Solutions   Category: Top Sites Systems   License: shareware

Real-Time Tuning / Do you know where on your website your visitors are going? Do you know what they're clicking? Do you know what percentage of your traffic is going to your ads, traffic trades, your menu? Not only will you know all of this and more, but you can make changes in real-time to see how they affect the traffic on your site. Watch as...

Author: Eric   Category: Top Sites Systems   License: shareware

This web based tool helps you to generate and manage the rank list pages on your web site. This tool has an user friendly and easy to use control panel for handling rank list pages and traffic control settings. You can also create search engine friendly HTML pages with a minimum server load using this rank list tool. This tool is useful for the...

Author: MagicScripts   Category: Top Sites Systems   License: shareware

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