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We have included all the modish features in this design. As a result, You can understand the quality and trustworthy about our product, when you compare with other designs. Also, our products has came with numerous payment gateways. All our payment system will be genuine to use. We are not saying in words, basically it is real. Now, you can...

Author: John   Category: Web Page Design   License: shareware   Size: 80 B

PHP Generator is a powerful online tool that can automatically generates fully functional codes for your PHP/MySQL applications. You can create completed CRUD (Create, Retrieve Update and Delete) scripts within ten minutes. Thus it can save you a lot of time wasted on repetitive coding. The generated codes can be easily understood and further...

Author: Ding Ye   Category: Web Page Design   License: freeware   Size: 36.2 MB

Skor PHP Template template class can assign individual variable values or arrays with several variable values. A separate sub-class extends the base class to support delimited template section replacements.

Author: ecoware GmbH   Category: Web Page Design   License: freeware   Size: 30.0 KB

A Website Database application created with Javeline Framework over an open MySQL database and can be enhanced with PHP coding for using the info in the database other places in the Website. Uploadable to a website and executable by hyperlinking to the pp-index.php file in the publicpim subdirectory. The first person to register becomes...

Author: James Orr   Category: Web Page Design   License: freeware

A simple tool to convert styles from, and to, CSS/HTML formats and to get a CSS family. Includes an online demo, easy customization and embedding.

Author: newtonetcompagnie.com   Category: Web Page Design   License: shareware

This is a very easy to use template system.

Author: sts.webguy.ca   Category: Web Page Design   License: freeware

A webbased WYSIWYG editor to be used in CMS programs or instead of textarea tags. It features advanced work with images, file uploading, tables, links and more.

Author: chel.tv   Category: Web Page Design   License: shareware

PodPDF will convert any Text/HTML/URL/Word/Excel Document into a PDF. It uses third-party technology to convert in a fast and efficient manner. It features PDF password protection, margin resizing, paper sizing, compression quality and default font type.

Author: webpods.com   Category: Web Page Design   License: shareware

A tool for building dynamic web sites from HTML and PHP code snippets. It allows users to customize their accounts and reuse elements they have built with before.

Author: sourceforge.net   Category: Web Page Design   License: freeware

This script pre-processes HTML before displaying it to the browser, locating user-defined keywords and replacing them with anchor tags of user-defined URLs. It avoids replacing anything inside an HTML tag and avoids matching keywords that are part of a pre-existing anchor tag's text.

Author: biermana.org   Category: Web Page Design   License: freeware

A simple program to manage menus, CSS, body tags and copyright information site wide through one document.

Author: maegg.com   Category: Web Page Design   License: freeware

This program will convert your HTML documents into WAP format on-the-fly. Simply provide the filename as the argument to this script and it does the rest.

Author: tourbase.ru   Category: Web Page Design   License: freeware

This HTML editor includes text formating, creation of hyperlinks, browser safe/unsafe colors, cookie based favorite colors, image management, table creation, table cell editing and more. Easy to setup and well documented.

Author: Labs4.com   Category: Web Page Design   License: shareware

A tool to write, edit and debug PHP scripts and HTML pages. It has a built-in FTP client and browser, code and file explorer, customizable code templates, and more.

Author: dzsoft.com   Category: Web Page Design   License: shareware

A small script for creating DHTML trees dynamically.

Author: CodeThat.com   Category: Web Page Design   License: freeware

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