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Fibonacci Lines Analyzer is a powerful application designed to show the Fibonacci retracement, expansion levels, arcs, spiral, ellipses, time zones and Gann fan presenting the result in graphical form. This Fibonacci tool is compatible with any other forex software, with any other trading system, with any images and charts. So it is fibonacci...

Author: Ivan Mihailov   Category: Financial Tools   License: shareware   Size: 644.0 KB

The performance of a stock portfolio that is established in a data file can be achieved by this portfolio tool. It is alo used to gain information from yahoo finance and relies on the python module.

Author: Dan York   Category: Financial Tools   License: freeware

This is an LGPL?d thin client API that can be used to run credit card transactions over TCP/IP. / The main features of this link are as follows: / ? A simple, cross-platform protocol / ? Encryption via SSL and trusted server certificate authentication / ? Fast transactions times (average about 1.2 seconds end-to-end) / ? Fail-over to...

Author: Adam Wiggins   Category: Financial Tools   License: freeware

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