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The WMS (Website Management System) is designed to allow a web site administratror to easily run a website with little hassle. The WMS is based on the structure of the internet, hyperlinked pages each with different items on them.

Author: Wcms   Category: Front Ends   License: freeware

Dynamic development environment to developer Windows Update pack that can be build 'on the fly' to be integrated into the Windows install source reducing network role out time scales aswell as reducing security threat.

Author: Winupdategen   Category: Front Ends   License: freeware

This is the official library for interfacing to PostgreSQL from Tcl. It is easy to use, powerful, has a very complete implementation of the PostgreSQL libpq C-interface library, and is freely redistributable under the BSD license.

Author: Pgtcl   Category: Front Ends   License: freeware

This software is release intended to be helpfullfor newbie's who don't know or haven't have muchexperience with relational Databases, like Mysql.

Author: Mysqlspyver2   Category: Front Ends   License: freeware

The given program is intended for calculation of pensions and conducting document circulation in management of social protection

Author: Pensia-vfp   Category: Front Ends   License: freeware

A project for creating a (currently) single-user Personal Organizer for Haiku OS. The project moved to sourceforge due to possible close of BerliOS.

Author:   Category: Front Ends   License: freeware

Mangos Web Front End is an Php web front end for Mangos.

Author: Mangoswfe   Category: Front Ends   License: freeware

The Zaval Database Export Utility is a light-weight, web-based client, specially designed for data export from any database without having to launch the database-specific administrative clients or tools.

Author: Zaval0005   Category: Front Ends   License: freeware   Size: 126.0 KB

DBmanager is a PHP based software, developed for quick MySql database dump and manipulation by SQL. v1.5 compatibile with PHP 5.3. Export to SQL, XML, CVS.

Author: Katdbmanager   Category: Front Ends   License: freeware   Size: 84.5 KB

Narya is a forum/incubator software, based on a Python/Zope/MySQL platform. Emphasis on graphics support and collaboration for space and technology development. Compare PHP/MySQL forums.

Author: Narya-project   Category: Front Ends   License: freeware   Size: 964.4 KB

AppWrap is a web GUI front end to DB back end, making it easy for users to maintain and track dynamic data; easy for admins to increase the scope of data included. Improvement over sharing files among a workgroup, needing gobal 7x24 access.

Author: Appwrap   Category: Front Ends   License: freeware   Size: 350.7 KB

Simple Library Manager is Java application for managing small book library and is suitable for small institutions with one PC for all types of operations.

Author: Simplelib   Category: Front Ends   License: freeware   Size: 1.2 MB

This is a SQL interface for scilab. It will enable users of scilab to do queries to a sql database and get the results in a normal scilab array.Scilab homepage

Author: Scilab-sql   Category: Front Ends   License: freeware   Size: 39.0 KB

Kelontong is a Simple Web Based "Point Of Sales" software that designated for a small business owners. The project aims to fullfil the need of simple software thar can be easily implemented, used, and improved without much effort.

Author: Kelontong   Category: Front Ends   License: freeware   Size: 48.2 KB

DBGate is a lightweight and fast database front-end wich can connect to every DBMS you like. DBGate is written in PHP and can be accessed by the browser. For the latest news please visit our website View, edit and delete databases and tables.Excecute SQL on all databases or a selected one.Create new databases.See (SQL-)server...

Author: Dbgate   Category: Front Ends   License: freeware   Size: 479.8 KB

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