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The advanced version of XMLBoard is the XMLBoard solo. Unlike XMLBoard, it does not require the use of XML::Parser, and is useful if you are unable to install XML::Parser on your machine. Otherwise, it includes all the same features of XMLBoard. /

Author: Joel Rosen   Category: Discussion Boards   License: freeware

This is a xml script which is unique solution for magazines and newspapers online and allow users to build guestbook and post messages on the guestbooks. This rogram places the control on more aspx pages in xml / data storage. This program acts as a message board that provides WYSIWYG editing abilities, word censorship, private messages,...

Author: Active Data Online   Category: Discussion Boards   License: shareware

MyXmiforum, which is an ASP/XMLPbased forum consists of three parts. ASP pages to read the XSL pages, handles some replaces and some minor logic,- XSL pages to format the different pages,- MainXML.xml file, the replacement to the DB - all the data is stored here. No db required. /

Author: Roey Ben-amotz   Category: Discussion Boards   License: freeware

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