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How to deal with multiple "run-at-server" forms is a web based tutorial through which ASP.NET programmers can gather information about the procedure that have to be adapted, by specifying one run-at-server in page readers can place any number

Author:   Category: Form Processors   License: freeware

Changing Target Web Service At Runtime is an article in which the author discusses about the step by step procedure for generating a changing target web services. From this tutorial the programmers can learn about creating a web service client and cr

Author: Bipin Joshi   Category: Web Services   License: freeware

Webmasters like to create two windows at times. For this, they can utilize this javascript code for opening two popup windows at the same time. To use this code, they need not have any indepth knowledge of programming in javascript. This code is easy

Author: CGIscript.NET, LLC.   Category: Windows and Frames   License: freeware

Seconds at site works with all javascript enabled websites where it impelments cookies function on your visitors computers and counts the total number of time in seconds they have been at your site. It has an easier configuration and allows you to up

Author: Adam Tress   Category: Cookies   License: freeware

Updating Data at the Database Level is a tutorial in which the author shows you two methods such as connected mode and diconnected mode for performing data manipulations such as insert, update and delete . In connected you can direcly use the Sql sta

Author: Rey Nunez   Category: Database Tools   License: freeware

This is a javascript library to load scripts in parallel but execute them in orderIt's main advantage is its size, at only 2.3 kb.

Author: Tero Piirainen   Category: Development Scripts   License: freeware   Size: 10.0 KB

This is a jQuery provides an image zoom effectHovering an image, a small box will appear on the top right of the page, in which the image is shown at its real aspect ratio.The plugin can be used to power-up a product zoomers and many similar tools.

Author: Pierre Bertet   Category: Miscellaneous   License: freeware   Size: 41.0 KB

Predict the azimuth and elevation of the Sun within +/- 1 degree at any geodetic latitude, longitude and altitude.

Author: Darin Koblick   Category: Development Tools   License: freeware   Size: 10.0 KB

The programs compute the enthalpy versus composition diagram for ethanol-water binary system at 760mmHg and 76 mmHg. We also draw the tie lines and the conjugate line.

Author: Housam Binous   Category: Development Tools   License: freeware   Size: 30.7 KB

A Lambert-orbital boundary value problem can be stated as"Find the orbit/trajectory of a spacecraft that flies from position [r1] to [r2], taking a time [tf] and making [m] complete orbits before arriving at [r2].

Author: Rody Oldenhuis   Category: Development Tools   License: freeware   Size: 10.0 KB

unimodality of a single variable function in a given interval refers to existence of at the most only one maxima or minima. This script checks the unimodality of the function in the interval provided by the user.

Author: Shakun Bansal   Category: Development Tools   License: freeware   Size: 10.0 KB

The programs compute the vapor-liquid diagram of an ethane-benzene mixture at 25dlT-C and 175dlT-C. This binary mixture exhibits a peculiar behavior because the volatilities of ethane and benzene are very different.

Author: Housam Binous   Category: Development Tools   License: freeware   Size: 10.0 KB

It uses an optimization formulation of n-person non-co-operative games as described in the paper "An Optimization Formulation to Compute Nash Equilibrium in finite Games" presented by the author, available at

Author: Bapi Chatterjee   Category: Development Tools   License: freeware   Size: 10.0 KB

In wireless topology we using filters as main part of system, we proposed a flexible filter for multi-purposes working at ISM band frequency. Obviously the filter idea works by splitting the Band Pass Filter into two types H.P.F & L.P.

Author: Giahd Elamary   Category: Development Tools   License: freeware   Size: 10.0 KB

ARMAX-GARCH Toolbox (Estimation, Forecasting, Simulation and Value-at-Risk Applications)The ARMAX-GARCH Toolbox estimates, forecasts and simulates a large variety of ARMA and GARCH models with different distributions and for any order of AR(n), MA(m)

Author: Alexandros Gabrielsen   Category: Development Tools   License: shareware   Size: 235.5 KB

Stokesian Dynamics, a method developed by Brady and Bossis in the 80s, simulate the 3D motion of hydrodynamically interacting spheres at low Reynolds numbers.

Author: Housam Binous   Category: Development Tools   License: freeware   Size: 30.7 KB

Considering some input arguments, this function performs n simulations with random trades in a price matrix, saving 3 performance indicators (annualized return, annualized standard deviation and annualized sharpe) at each simulationFor example, suppo

Author: Marcelo Perlin   Category: Development Tools   License: shareware   Size: 194.6 KB

This file contains three m-file which estimate the Value at Risk (VaR) of portfolio composed of two stocks price by using Exponentially Weighted Moving Average.the main function is 'ewmaestimatevar'. For estimating VaR you should use this function.

Author: Ali Najjar   Category: Development Tools   License: shareware   Size: 10.0 KB

This function generates mesh plot with 3Dbars at specific (x,y) points by using fill3 function.This function uses MATLAB's fill3.m meant to generate Filled 3-D polygons.

Author: Brajendra Singh   Category: Development Tools   License: shareware   Size: 20.5 KB

At-tension CMS is a content manager which is designed to run on any PHP capable web-server.Features:- No own templating language- No cryptographic urls (urls will follow menu structure)- XHTML 1.0 Strict, CSS 2.

Author: Daniel Steudel   Category: Miscellaneous   License: freeware   Size: 501.8 KB