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This reference show that .NET CLR is simply a much-needed evolution of COM and COM+ objects. Common Language Runtime creates a runtime environment to execute the IL. You can call the COM ojbects from the CLR. This will greatly improve the performance

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What is ASP+? is an article shows the definition and importance of ASP+, and there are number of new features described in this article, having more advantages than ASP that are discussed in detail. This article is more useful for the beginners.

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What is ASP?, is an article containing the information about ASP. It describes the usage of languages, reasons for saying a server side technology, its function with the formation of HTML code, its expansion and meaning with an example. This article

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Codelock V1 is a PHP / HTML web page Encryptor and Decryptor. You can protect your intellectual property with our affordable software. Codelock V1 is easy to use and you can use it without any limits on your scripts.

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Cover Your ASP - What is ASP? is an article which provides information regarding ASP. It discusses the usage of language, its advantage, procedure for changing the page, its expansion and its meaning, easy installation on Windows, etc. This is one of

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Here is a basic Queue implementation in C# is a tutorial in which the author discusses about the data structure called queue in C#. Queue manages the data in a 'First In First Out' basis. The author offers you the sample program which helps you to im

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How to determine the DB item is null or not is a tutorial in which the author shows you how to eliminate the error which arises when you store the database item which has empty data. IsDBNull method gives you the solution for this problem. The IsDBNu

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This is an useful article for every webmasters and for the developers that allows them to find what type of server and application is running currently. This article guides the programmers to build a simple ASP.NET application for identifying the ser

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This is a tutorial that can be used by the users for verifying the browser connection to save the CPU cycles. This tutorial explains that, the windows browsers request an Active Server Page from the server without waiting untill the page is fully dow

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This is an useful article that contains the information about Common lanuguage Runtime. CLR provides a common execution environment for all the languages. It helps to have integertion between languages.The language which uses CLR must use the CTS to

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PHP Show If Recordset Field Condition Is True is a php based program with which users can see their specified elements if their condition matches with recordset field. This program has simple If conditional class. You can hide an element when query r

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This is an online tutorial in which the author clearly explains about how to print the ASP.NET web forms after getting submitted by the users. The author explains that normally the web forms are stored into a database, XML file or text file, printing

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What is ASP.Net is a reference guide which gives the definition and meaning of ASP.NET. This article also discusses about Active Server Pages, advantages and functions of HTML page, and shows that HTML is similar to ASP, support the easy development

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What is .NET? is a reference guide which gives the definition for the .NET. It shows that the definition is given with the help of Charles Fitzerald and Henrik Frystyk Nielsen. and secures the scaleable method of providing a platform-independent way.

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This is an online tutorial which discusses briefly about what is delegate and what are the benefits included with that. For easy reference the tutor of this article has given sample source code and for the same code the result has been shown. Event h

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What is COM? is a web based tutorial in which author describes about the various COM objects and their advantages. Here author explains about the various advantages that the users can gain by using the COM objects in various fields like runtime poly

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What is IBM Tivoli Access Manager for Microsoft .NET? is an online tutorial dealing with IBM's tivoli techniques. In this article the author has explained about the usage and functionalities of IBM tivoli access manager products for websites running

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This is an advanced online tool designed especially for PHP based bulletin boards to help webmasters to find out the IP address and whois information of their bulletin board visitors. This program gives you the visitor IP address along with a detaile

Author: Funender   Category: phpBB Modules   License: freeware What is PHP? is an efficient article to assists webmasters and developers to enhancing their programming skills. This article will also provide guidelines to all PHP beginners and developers by giving a brief introduction to the PHP scrip

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This is an article that provides explanation about RSS. The author says that RSS is not an abbreviation but stands for a name. This tutorial explains that ASPRSS can be used for two types of websites one is publishers -who supply the web content and

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