ASP Code Snippets

15 January, 2020   

Error Loging in ASP.NET

Code example to check whether browser is a beta version

Asp code example to show the date a file was created

Whenever a row is inserted in the Customers Table, the following trigger will be executed.

Note: The ASP.Net RadioButtons must be set with exact same GroupName property in order to make them mutually exclusive.

Asp.Net code snippet for Database Query Within WebServices

Five different ways to get the computer name in ASP.NET

How to close child window when parent window is closed using JavaScript in application

This example asp code shows here how to convert from degrees to radians and vice versa

15 May, 2013   

ASP example code shown here how to create a folder called New Folder1

11 May, 2013   

ASP code example using a 301 redirect

20 March, 2013   

ASP code example to block Multiple IP Addresses

20 March, 2013   

ASP code example for Moved Permanently 301 Redirect

This little function comes in handy. There's nothing worse than seeing a site with a copyright out of date.

This example has an ordinal suffix: Sunday 15th July

12 May, 2012   

How to prevent users from selecting past or previous day dates in ASP.Net AJAX Control Toolkit CalendarExtender control. Author of this code is Mudassar Khan

How to disable Future Dates in AJAX Control Toolkit CalendarExtender Control. Author of this code is Mudassar Khan

05 May, 2012   

ASP code example to return a long representing the record count returned by an SQL statement

05 May, 2012   

ASP code example with Sql Statement

Run the script to test whether you have the XMLHTTP Request object installed that comes with any version of the Microsoft XML Parser (MSXML).