XML Code Snippets

Two objects are included here, a reader and a parser. All you need to do is instantiate the xmlParser object and let it do the job for you. nextToken() will return the next token, which can be a tag or the text between 2 tags. the isTag() will determine if this is a tag so you can do something smart with it. Lastly you can jumpTo($tagname) if...

Code example using PHP to add/ remove nodes from an XML file

23 February, 2012   

Here shown simple XML tags

23 February, 2012   

XML Code to display XML data in an HTML table

26 January, 2012   

A simple example template of an Asset Update XML

11 September, 2011   

This is a minimal apache ant build.xml file that will quickly do all the things that you will generally want to do, including compiling and building a simple Java project to class files and jars. It provides targets to compile the class files and jars and to run the main class. The fields marked "My Project Name Here" and "My Main...

11 September, 2011   

Simple example template of an Import XML

01 August, 2011   

Here is an example XML hit count

In order to add a splash screen to your black berry app, you need to create an XML file, name it "blackberry-tablet.xml" and place it at root level --With your Application descriptor file.