Dates with the Ordinal Suffix

Submitted by:Tim Kelly

Date added:23 September, 2011


An example Dates with the Ordinal Suffix . Below is the code that will do this.

Tags: suffix

Code Snippet:

'Declare variables
Dim curDayOftheWeek, curMonth, curDay
'Return the numeric day of the week Sunday = 1 etc
Select Case curDayOftheWeek
Case 1 Response.write("Sunday")
Case 2 Response.write("Monday")
Case 3 Response.write("Tuesday")
Case 4 Response.write("Wednesday")
Case 5 Response.write("Thursday")
Case 6 Response.write("Friday")
Case 7 Response.write("Saturday")
End select
'Write out the numeric day of the month
Response.Write(" "&day(date))
'Return the numeric day of the month and assign to variable curDay
'Write out the ordinal suffix according to the numeric day of the day
Select Case curDay
Case 1,21,31 response.write("st")
Case 2,22 response.write("nd")
Case 3,23 response.write("rd")
Case else response.write("th")
End select
'add a space
response.write " "
'Return the numeric month of the year and assign to variable curMonth
'1=January, 2=February etc
Select Case curMonth
Case 1 Response.write("January")
Case 2 Response.write("February")
Case 3 Response.write("March")
Case 4 Response.write("April")
Case 5 Response.write("May")
Case 6 Response.write("June")
Case 7 Response.write("July")
Case 8 Response.write("August")
Case 9 Response.write("September")
Case 10 Response.write("October")
Case 11 Response.write("November")
Case 12 Response.write("December")
End Select